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We provide web application middleware platform integration technology services for high-performance enterprise environments.


The middleware server used most in the global market is an open source product.

  • Middleware market led by open source
    Web Application Server (WAS), a representative middleware server, has developed technology along with open source, and 90% of middleware in the global market are open source products. Based on Java EE standards and active communities, open source WAS is leading the latest technology.
  • Support for cloud environment
    Open source WAS supports various cloud environments and has a flexible and lightweight architecture, especially for PaaS. It is one of the most widely deployed application software in cloud environment with excellent compatibility and efficiency.
  • Support for the latest Java EE 8 standard
    WAS is developed based on the Java EE standard, and Jboss EAP and the open source version Wildfly (Jboss AS) received the latest Java EE 8 certification. In particular, the first Java EE 8 certified product released in the world is Wildfly, which is based on open source.

Service Provided

Middleware Construction and Technical Support

We provide web application middleware platform integration technology services for high-performance enterprise environments.


We have optimized open source-based middleware for companies.

We provide technologies, such as large-capacity transactions, clustering for high availability, messaging, distributed caching, and high performance, guarantees that middleware platforms must have in an enterprise environment.

Service Details

  • Lightweight architecture
    We support a variety of business requirements based on a flexible and lightweight architecture suitable for cloud environment and microservice.
  • Improvement of developer productivity
    Built-in support for Java EE and various Java EE web-based frameworks, such as Spring, Spring Web Flow, Spring WS, and Spring Security. Through this, you can expect to increase productivity, reduce quality issues, and shorten time to market for new apps.


  • Support for the latest Java and compliance with standards
    We support the standard features of the latest Java EE 8 and the MicroProfile specification for microservices architecture.
  • Support for cloud and container
    We support all the latest platforms, such as PaaS, cloud, and container, and provide a product image optimized for the usage environment through its modularity and light weight.
  • Clustering
    We provide stable and excellent performance In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG)-based clustering function for large-scale systems.

Customer Case

“By introducing container technology and open source software, we were able to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
– IT affiliates of Group A

The groupware (400,000 users with 24/7 global service) system of company A was operating commercial middleware products. New architecture was required to reduce the TCO of aging systems, to solve End of Life (EOL) issues, and to respond flexibly and stably to large amount of traffic. The transition of the container environment to open source middleware satisfied the requirements of all services, which is the largest case of application in Korea.

S-Core Services
We designed a system for high availability and high efficiency based on open source technical skills and cloud architect capabilities. By introducing container technology, we achieved infrastructure scalability, cost reduction, and efficiency in development and operation, and built a system with high stability and compatibility by using the latest standard technology open source middleware.

Company A gained the following values by converting and building groupware into an open source middleware system.

Quantitative effect
– Reduced total TCO by using container environment and open source software

Qualitative effect
– Achieved service stability and efficiency in development and operation.

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