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Digital Platform Operation Management

We provide optimal management services that maximize the integrated construction and utilization of digital platform.

Why We Do

It is important to be agile in responding to the changing digital platform environment.

  • 시장 변화에 대한 신속한 대응
    The ability to respond quickly to market changes is the key to building and managing a platform
    The digital platform environment is changing. Business boundaries between online and offline are becoming ambiguous, and companies’ movement to build their own ecosystem is gradually increasing according to the direction of D2C. In addition, new platforms and related technologies optimized for the consumer experience process are also increasing their influence in the market. Responding to such market changes is the key to optimizing digital platform construction and management.
Services Provided

Digital Platform Operation Management Service

We provide optimal management service that maximizes the integrated construction and utilization of digital platform.

process innovation
We support the construction and operation of a digital marketing platform optimized for market needs.
Based on the experience in global digital marketing platforms, we provide end-to-end services from building to operating and spreading platforms, such as dot-com and eStore.
Service details
Customer Case

It was helpful for building and operating a stable digital marketing platform.

– A global electronic product manufacturing company

Company A, a global electronic product manufacturer, wanted to establish a new marketing platform for overseas subsidiaries. Systematic and detailed management and response to issues were important because tasks in a variety of areas, including direction establishment, infrastructure construction, function implementation, design, and content transfer, had to be carried out with a large number of stakeholders. In addition, after the platform establishment, company A sought to ensure continuous and stable operation when transferring it to subsidiaries.

Services of S-Core
S-Core has optimized the process and detailed tasks for each area of platform construction and operation using proven framework and methodology to suit the environment of company A and the needs of the market. In addition, we provide a stable management service by preemptively responding to possible risks in each area and performing development coordination function for the changes when implemented. In addition, after the establishment of a new platform, we supported global integrated operation to maximize utilization, and improved execution power by managing local marketing operation.

  • Dotcom/eStore Roll-
    out/Operation PMO
    [Preemptive risk reaction/change management]리스크 선제적 대응 및 변화 관리를 하는 글로벌 프로젝트 매니지먼트 개요도Arbitration & reaction to issues of each area in overall perspective
    Carry out stable project over verified roll-out methodology
  • Platform Establishment
    [Campaign toolkit analysis/buildup]캠페인 Toolkit 분석 설계 개요도 고객이 인지 방문 정보 습득 탐색 구매 선택 AS등의 단게별 분석 개요도Support multi touch point and prepare customer touch-point data collection basis
    Strengthen purchase conversion by providing toolkit
  • Platform Operation Monitoring/Performance
    [Platform optimization operation]플랫폼 최적화 운영을 위한 분석 개념이미지Incorporate global operation and empower local marketing execution capabilities
    Optimize channel operation effectiveness over owned platform

Company A was able to expect the following effects through digital platform operation management services.

Quantitative effect
– Construction area: Reduced cost through compliance with construction schedule and resources
– Operation area: Reduced individual operation cost through systematic global integrated operation

Qualitative effect
– Increased marketing efficiency and execution power through platform optimization operation

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