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Digital Innovation Consulting

Digital transformation consulting services for enhancing business competitiveness and innovating customer experience

What We Do

We provide digital transformation consulting services that enhance business competitiveness once again in a rapidly changing global market by changing organizations, infrastructures, processes, business strategies, and business models to further provide a new customer experience.

Digital transformation, also known as Industry 4.0 has already become a new trend in the market. Customers are already demanding new products, services, prices, delivery methods, and customer services unlike ever before.

Digital disruptors and fast mover companies of the digital revolution are responding to the demands of this new market with data and products tailored to digital technology, services, prices, and delivery methods. And they are performing amazingly.

Digital transformation has now become a journey that we must go through to survive in the global market, to solidify competitiveness and respond to customer needs, to create a new customer experience, and to grow continuously.

디지털 트랜스포매이션 체계지도

S-Core joins the digital transformation journey of companies that want to embed data and digital technology into new business infrastructures, optimize supply chains, and operational processes, and renew customer experiences with competitive products and services.

Through various digital project experiences and global use cases, we support digital business models and strategy establishment, digital operation model innovation, and secure digital capacity.

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
    Digital Transformation Strategy
    We establish a mid to long-term transformation plan and strategy for the transformation of companies to digital enterprise through changes in operations and capabilities.
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  • 디지털 기반 프로세스 혁신
    Digital Operations Transformation
    From marketing and sales to business management, we find the changes that digital technology will make in various areas of the value chain to suggest a new digital operation model.
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