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IaaS and PaaS Platforms

We build a customer-tailored cloud environment and provide technical services.

Why We Do

Customized IaaS & PaaS configuration is required to meet the company’s condition.

  • Increasing need for cloud
    Increasing need for cloud
    As digital technologies, such as AI, mobile, and IoT, becoming more common, the scale of data to be managed is increasing. This is why the demand for cloud services that can use computing resources at a low cost is increasing.
  • Increased demand for private cloud
    Increased demand for private cloud
    The demand for a private cloud using its own data center to ensure data availability, compliance, and security is also increasing.
  • Quick and efficient configuration of a cloud environment that fits the purpose
    Quick and efficient configuration of a cloud environment that fits the purpose
    As the dependence on cloud services increase, companies are increasingly required to configure a cloud environment that suits their purpose.
Services Provided

IaaS·PaaS Platform Development

We build customer-specific cloud environments and provide technical services.

process innovation
We provide a customized cloud platform based on opensource software.
We can build a cloud environment satisfying customers need at a reasonable cost. In addition, technology service based on open-cloud helps continuous innovation of the customer platform.
  • Building a cloud computing environment based on opensource software
    For cost effectiveness and flexibility, S-Core provides service building cloud environment with various opensources.
  • Providing a fast and flexible delivery environment based on micro-service architecture
    Rapid and continuous expansion of functions are enabled through a distributed development structure and delivery process.

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