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Digital Transformation Strategy

We establish a corporate innovation strategy and an action plan through digital transformation.

Why We Do

Digital to Business, Technological changes are making the nature of business different.

  • Increasing uncertainty in predicting changes in the business environment
    Increasing uncertainty in predicting changes in the business environment
    The introduction of digital technology is expanding across the industry. However, there are still many questions about the diversity of application and customer acceptance of digital technology in predicting changes in the business environment by industry.
  • It is important for companies to establish a direction of transformation
    It is important for companies to establish a direction of transformation
    Application examples of various digital technologies, such as AI, big data, IoT, and blockchain, are emerging. But it’s not easy for companies to find the right digital strategy. The value of digital transformation can only be achieved by carefully reviewing the uncertainty of change as well as the company’s aim and attainability within the business ecosystem in accordance with digital technology.
  • The application of digital technology is accompanied by comprehensive changes in the organization, system, and process
    The application of digital technology is accompanied by comprehensive changes in the organization, system, and process
    Digital transformation can achieve the intended results only by thinking about changes in work, systems, and organizational roles. In the same sense, we need to look at the problems not only in the areas of application of digital technology but also in terms of discovering innovation tasks within the existing value chain. Digital innovation and process innovation are complementary and should be approached from the perspective of “value innovation,” rather than “technology application.”
Services Provided

Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting

We establish strategy and action plan to successfully drive digital transformation.

process innovation
We provide strategies and master plans to innovate business models and dramatically improve operation methods by using digital technology.
We present strategies for transforming conventional business models through digital technology. By establishing a digital introduction plan based on organizational capabilities, not just applying technology but matching with the company’s management strategy, we help you realize the digitization of the value chain within your organization without trial and error and innovate the customer experience.
  • Business model innovation strategy based on digital technology
    Based on digital technology, we discover opportunities for innovation and shape ideas to establish goals for business model changes. We also present detailed action strategy to achieve the goals.
  • Establish a master plan to promote digital transformation
    We diagnose current status and level through step-by-step strategy methodology, owned by S-Core, and derive a vision for digital innovation. Based on this, we establish a detailed action plan for the design and implementation of future models.
Customer Case

Along with process lead time and quality cost improvement, an AI-based innovative corporate culture has been established.

– A global display manufacturing company

Company A is a global display manufacturing company. Due to the nature of the industry, large-scale facility investment was required, and Company A was in a difficult business environment, where it could guarantee sales and profits only by maintaining high quality. The management of company A secured AI experts to become a leading display panel manufacturer in the world by utilizing AI technology, and was pursuing task discovery and execution through an in-house innovation organization.

However, in the field, they began to question the adequacy of finding a task. Since the tasks were concentrated in specific areas, such as inspection, analysis, and simulation, and were promoted by each department in charge, AI innovation was not as easy as expected. Accordingly, it was necessary to discover tasks systematically and have a sustainable AI promotion system.

Services of S-Core
The first thing S-Core started was to define the vision of company A that it would like to achieve through AI. We easily defined the tasks by creating a key value map necessary to achieve the vision on the value chain, while discussing improvement scenarios for each area to achieve this with business departments. In addition, we provided a guide based on AI promotion methodology of S-Core to the department in charge of each task to reduce trial and error.

The next step was planning AI tasks. After we verified whether the business value of a task is sufficient with the field, defined the data acquisition status and integration requirements necessary for AI model development, and prepared a specific AI model definition, the promotion organization and the business department understood the specific aspects of innovation through AI. Data integration and the introduction of an AI platform were also important considerations. We have reorganized the level of data integration required from the perspective of promoting AI tasks, not from the perspective of the IT department. We also established the criteria for selecting suitable vendors by defining essential requirements for an AI platform that supports company-wide AI task promotion and modeling tasks.

Lastly, by defining a sustainable AI promotion organization and governance, we made Company A secure practical momentum and establish a company-wide utilization system for AI assets.

Company A was able to expect the following effects through the implementation of the defined AI task.

Quantitative effect
– Manufacturing area: Improved quality cost and decreased response time for failures and quality abnormalities
– Sales and marketing: Sales increased by improving response to demand and product planning
– Management area: Improved process lead time and reduced management cost

Qualitative effect
– Established an AI-based innovative corporate culture
– Secured the capability to discover value-based innovation tasks

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