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Cloud Platform

Offering Cloud Management Platforms for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environment

What We Do

We provide hybrid cloud and multi-cloud platforms optimized for the needs of company pursuing digital transformation

Cloud is the infrastructure that gives digital innovation.
From application development to testing and distribution, we apply a SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) system based on automation technology and utilize open APIs from six global CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) including AWS and Microsoft Azure to provide a self-service cloud platform suitable for business conditions.

  • Cloud Management Platform
    Cloud Management Platform
    We provide an integrated environment in which hybrid cloud and multi-cloud can be easily implemented. You can leverage governance capabilities to efficiently use cloud resources and reduce costs.
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  • IaaS · PaaS platform
    IaaS · PaaS platforms
    We provide a flexible cloud infrastructure and a rapid delivery environment. Open-cloud based technology service helps continuous innovation of the customer platform.
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  • Low code platform
    Low code platform
    We provide an easy and fast all-in-one platform from modeling to development, linkage and assetization. High-quality application development environments ensure high development productivity
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