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Technical Support Services

We provide open source SW technical services for all areas of enterprise IT systems.

Why We Do
  • Carepack
    We provide specialized technical services for key infrastructure of open source SW to stably operate reliable systems.
  • Online integrated technical support
    Online integrated technical support
    Open source SW information and Q&A are available online through various communities.
  • System transition and building
    System transition and building
    We support structural changes based on open source SW by analyzing existing systems and helping build new systems.
  • Consulting
    We provide services for selection and architecting of open source SW appropriate for diagnosing the status of open source SW, establishing governance systems, and establishing systems.

We provide diverse technical supports, including setting, installation, configuration, deployment, performance tuning, inspection, and failure handling, for efficiently building and reliably operating open source SW systems by phone, email and visits.

Service details
  • Providing the latest technical documents, including technical instructions and open source SW news
  • Providing installation guide and user guide
  • Support for installation, updates, patches, and system configurations
  • Request for technical support through vendors
  • Support for optimization and stabilization of system configurations
  • Installation and HA configuration, and basic training for administrators
  • Support for failures
  • Periodic inspection
Service Type
Platinum Gold Silver
Enterprise service packs with full coverage from product installation to operation Affordable on-site support service packs focused on issue analysis and failure response Service pack for R&D, PoC, and pilot systems
7Days x 24Hrs
Online, Remote, On-site
7Days x 24Hrs
Online, Remote, On-site
5Days x 8Hrs
Products covered by service
Big Data
  • Elastic Stack
  • Apache Spark
  • RHEL
  • CentOS
  • JBoss WS
  • JBoss EAP·Apache Http Server
  • Tomcat
  • WildFly
  • NginX
  • MariaDB Platform
  • MariaDB Community·Redis
  • EPAS
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • RabbitMQ
  • Kafka
Data Cache
  • Ignite
  • Ignite (8grid)
  • Prometheus
  • Scouter
  • Grafana
  • Kubernetes
  • Envoy
  • Istio Ansible
  • Docker·WSO2 API Manager
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot Admin·Spring Data Commons
  • Spring Framework
  • Kafka Cluster Server

※ The range of services and support methods may vary with each product, and the number of services is determined by the number of purchased products. Please contact us for details.

Online integrated technology support

We provide technical services by companies and organizations to offer information on open source SW through various community versions.

Service details
  • Providing the latest technical documents, including technical instructions and open source SW news
  • Providing installation guide and user guide
  • Online Q&A
System transition and building

We provide application switching and building services when applying open source software such as OS, DBMS, and middleware.

Service details
  • Analysis of system status, design of optimal system transition plan
  • Reducing the time and man power required for faster transition
  • Modular and integrated test
  • Support for operational change
  • Training for administrators

Experienced IT professionals analyze customer conditions to propose strategic technologies, to address business challenges and to help design optimized systems.

Service details
  • Consulting on architecture (TA, AA, DA, etc.)
  • Consulting on open source SW Optimization
  • Consulting on open source SW usage status
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