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Sejong Kang Senior Vice President
  • Specialties SCM, purchasing, logistics, and operation strategy
  • Industrial specialties Electronics, automobiles, heavy industry and general manufacturing
  • Primary work experience
    • Head/Vice President of Operations Consulting at A.T.Kearney
    • Head of Consulting Division / Executive Director at i2 Technologies

Charlie Daeeuy Lee Vice President
  • Specialties Marketing strategy, digital marketing analysis, digital campaigning, and channel optimization
  • Industrial specialties Hi-tech, automobiles, telecommunications, fashion and distribution
  • Primary work experience
    • Management Consulting Manager at Accenture

Hyunjea Jeong Managing Director
  • Specialties Standard information, data management strategy, data-based innovation (DX) and ERP/SRM PI
  • Industrial specialties High-tech, electronics, chemical, steel, medicine and general manufacturing
  • Primary work experience
    • Consulting Manager at Hyundai Information Technology

KyungHyun Roh Managing Director
  • Specialties EVM, virtualization (VR, AR, MR), and process innovation
  • Industrial specialties Heavy industry, engineering, general manufacturing, healthcare, IT service, and public
  • Primary work experience
    • Consulting Director at Abeam