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Web Editor Solution

Light and quick cross browsing web editor solution-CafeNote®

Why We Do

Increasing demand for HTML5-based cross browsing web editors

  • Expaneded web-based content making environment
    Expaneded web-based content making environment
    Most work is carried out on the web, and the use of web editors, which allow to edit, save, and post web content on the browser, is becoming popularized.
  • Cross browsing issue
    Cross browsing issue
    With the termination of technical support for Internet Explorer in June 2022, pages using non-standard ActiveX cannot normally operate. It is necessary to have a web editor that complies with HTML5 standards to easily make contents.
Solution Provided

HTML5-based cross browsing web editor solution-CafeNote®

The convenient creation of standard web-based documents can be done in connection with a variety of services, including email, groupware, messengers, and bulletin boards.

process innovation
CafeNote is a JavaScript-based solution that delivers the functions, performance, and stability needed to edit web documents in compliance with the web standards.
  • Compatibility with MS Office documents
    It is compatible with MS Office documents and MTHML data, and enables to save in-document image for editing and saving data in various formats as web documents.
  • Improved web site performance
    The Pure JavaScript-based design optimizes memory usage and performance, and reduces website launching time.
  • Convenient table editing
    A convenient user experience is guaranteed, including a variety of table formats and table editing funtions through drag-and-drop.
  • Complinace with web standards and multilingual support
    It complies with W3C, RFC standards, HTML5/CSS3, and supports UTF-8 and multilingual versions to help create a variety of browsers and global sites.
Customer Case

Support for various browsers and environments made it easy to respond to various requirements.

– A IT services company

Company A, which provides groupware services to its affiliates, needed a HTML5-based web editor to replace the existing ActiveX-based web editor for preparing the next generation groupware. Its affiliates demanded a smaller, lighter and more complex editor than before.

Furthermore, it needed to be able to show the same screen in different web browsers on the market as well as ensure rendering compatibility with MS Outlook by considering the use of webmail services.

S-Core Services
In order to provide the new web editor sutiable for the company, it was necessary to satisfy the needs of customers in a multi-browser environment and on a variety of platforms such as mobile. Thus, we selected our web editor solution CafeNote based on a technical understanding of HTML5 and multi-browser,and experience in performance optimization in a wide range of environments, from desktop to mobile.

CafeNote can satisfy Company A’s partners with the same dispaly in major web browsers and Outlook, compatibility with MS Office, ensuring performance in poor system environments, and customizable menu configurations.

Company A has gained the following advantages after applying CafeNote to the groupware used by more than 300,000 people at home and abroad.

Quantitative effect
– Reduced costs of building and maintaining separate systems with a pure client solution
– Resloved security concerns and eliminated maintenance costs due to ActiveX removal
– Eliminated additional conversion costs through Outlook compatibility

Qualitative effect
– Increased operational efficiency through compatibility with MS Office
– Immediate switching to other browsers, such as Chrome, at no extra cost, when support of Internet Explorer ends

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