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Welcome to S-Core website.

Welcome and delightfully thank you for visiting
S-Core website.

⁠S-Core has successfully carried out customers' digital innovation projects with one of the industry's best knowledge service systems and solid technologies.

Since its establishment, with the philosophy that human comes first, S-Core became a group of experts consisting of best talents for each field in Korea, and we established a business model that provides professional consulting service needed by customers and leading software technology service, which is the key to the competitiveness of companies. In particular, we are successfully leading digital transformation of various industries based on competent human resources and creative and dynamic organizational culture.

In the era of a new technological transition, often called the 4th Industrial Revolution, S-Core will continue to grow and advance with differentiated professional service offers that enhance your digital value. Based on our in-depth understanding and insight into the businesses of our customers, we provide advice for strategic direction, guidance for change, present new IT platforms and solutions, and also promise to serve you as a trusted business partner.

We hope for your interest and support for S-Core, which strives to provide you the best value through our constant efforts and innovation.

Thank you.

S-Core Co., Ltd.
Jaejoon Ork, CEO