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Data Governance

We suggest a data governance operation strategy for efficient management of data assets..

Why We Do

Establishing data governance is essential for digital business introduction and expansion.

  • Data utilization
    Data utilization is increased, but different analysis results are derived in each department
    As the data utilization range of a company is expanding, analysis results are derived differently in each department. In the process of reviewing the appropriateness of the data used for analysis and the reliability of data quality, the need for data management based on the same standards across a company is increasing.
  • Increase of data silos within the organization
    Increase of data silos within the organization
    Many companies are working hard to find a way to analyze data faster. The expansion of low-cost storage and computing resources meets this need and is changing data analysis from centralized way to distributed and self-service way for each user. Rather, this change is accelerating the process of data silos.
  • Tightening personal data protection regulations
    Tightening personal data protection regulations
    Not only companies need to keep their data safe, they also need to comply with regulations for protecting the right of personal data. Most corporate regulations, such as anti-money laundering and soundness regulations, are highly related to data, making it difficult to respond to regulations if data is not well managed, which can cause significant losses to the company.
Services Provided

Data Governance Consulting

We suggest a data governance operation strategy for efficient management of data assets.

process innovation
To use data assets for business, a company-wide data governance system must be operated.
We standardize the data collected for business, turn it into an asset based on new digital technology (AI, big data platform, data catalog, etc.), and establish a data asset management system that processes and distributes them to suit the purpose of use.
  • Establishing a data governance strategy to create business performance
    We diagnose data silo phenomenon within the organization and derive improvements. We suggest an alternative to overcome the data generation, distribution, and sharing system through individual business system.
  • Designing a data operating system for implementing a governance strategy
    We establish data meta standards, data catalogs, data models, data flows, data life cycles, and security mechanisms. Establishing a data management system must be a priority for data-based innovation growth.
  • Building a data governance system
    We build a data governance system for a big data platform using proven solutions. We implement an environment in which user-centered information analysis is possible by the integrated management of duplicated and distributed data.
Customer Case

We have increased the visibility of data assets so that they can be useful for our business.

–A global electronic product manufacturing company

Company A, a global electronic product manufacturer, wanted to build a data platform for data-based business innovation. However, it was difficult to accurately identify the source of data required for analysis. It was difficult to know where the data sources were located and what the data structures would look like. In addition, too much time and resources had to be devoted to collecting data needed for analysis. It was difficult to judge accuracy and up-to-dateness of the data collected. Before driving data-based business innovation, Company A encountered huge obstacles.

Services of S-Core
S-Core recognized the core issues of Company A as the absence of data governance and suggested solutions. We analyzed business processes, data source system, and big data platform to diagnose data flow and provided a data governance solution. After extracting and verifying data with potential for standardization (high similarity) for each business division, we determined the target data for standardization. Based on a proven solution, we designed an IT infrastructure that can efficiently store and govern standardized data on a big data platform, and derived a linkage plan with various analysis platforms.

Data Governance Solutions Applied to Company A

Company A has implemented a system to manage data assets from the enterprise-wide perspective in a big data environment.

Qualitative effect
– Secured the visibility of data assets
– Improved data asset management efficiency by systematizing data governance from the perspective of business use

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