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Search and Analysis

Elasticserach provides integrated technical services.

Why We Do

More and more companies are introducing Elasticsearch to increase the efficiency of big data storage and analysis.

  • Rapidly increasing data due to new technology development
    Rapidly increasing data due to new technology development
    New technologies such as AI, Cloud, IoT, and blockchain are accelerating digital transformation. This means the skyrocketing unstructured and real-time data different from before. Discovery of meaning from a wide variety of large data and application of it to run the business and develop strategies has become a fundamental competency for companies.
  • big data platform
    Increasing demand for a big data platform
    There is a limit to store and analyze large-scale unstructured and real-time data with legacy systems. Companies start to focus on the latest platforms that can efficiently store and analyze data in real time, especially paying attention to open source-based big data platforms as an outcome of technological innovation.
  • Anxiety about insufficient big data experience and introduction of OSS
    Anxiety about insufficient big data experience and introduction of OSS
    Unexpectedly, many companies hesitate to introduce an open source-based big data platform. Such hesitation stems from the lack of big data experience and lack of external technical support. But global leading players are already applying open-source-based big data platforms for decision making, and expanding their investments by organizing a dedicated team, regarding them as a tool for competitiveness reinforcement.
Product Introduction

Data platform for search, integrated monitoring and security (high speed DBMS)

Customer Case

Reduced TCO and established a flexible architecture-based search system

– A global electronic part manufacturer

Company A, a global electronic part manufacturer, was in trouble due the deterioration of its in-house document search system. Search services built with commercial solutions couldn’t respond quickly to the needs of employees due to their inflexible architecture and frequent failures. The company needed an optimal architecture and index design to handle large data at high speed, and a quick response to resolve actual operational failures.

S-Core Services
Company A selected Elastic Stack as a search platform and started to fully replace the systems to solve the issues. We suggested the S-Core’s Elastic Stack one-stop package service for handling the various possible obstacles while operating the system, as well as for providing the optimal architecture and index design for large data. We successfully completed the project based on the S-Core’s stable and optimized design and contributed to Company A’s technology improvement by providing services such as regular inspections and knowledgeable DB

Company A has gained the following advantages through the transformation and deployment of systems based on Elastic Stack.

Quantitative effect
– Reduced TCO through open source products

Qualitative effect
– Established internal document search system that can flexibly respond to a variety of changes

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