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Your Digital Transformation

How should we respond to digital paradigms that rapidly expand across industries?

Current methods have limitations.
Everything about a company - business model, operational strategy, organization, system, and customer experience - should be digitally transformed.

S-Core understands customers' needs, suggests a response plan with in-depth insights, and quickly optimizes and provides the latest technology. We will lead the digital transformation of customers to success based on our expertise and technical competence, which is verified by Samsung's affiliates.

We provide end-to-end consulting, IT platform, and solutions for digital innovation.

Management Consulting

  • Digital Innovation Consulting Corporate innovation consulting service based on digital technologies Learn more
  • Data Consulting Consulting services for corporate data management and innovation performance creation Learn more
  • Digital Marketing Consulting Integrated digital marketing services based on digital consultancy and analysis insights Learn more

Software Technology Service

  • Cloud Platform Hybrid, multi-cloud configuration and operation platform Learn more
  • Dev-Ops Platform Enterprise application development, testing, and deployment platform Learn more
  • Data Platform My data, visual data processing platform Learn more
  • Open-source SW OS, DBMS, middleware, and cloud native technology service Learn more

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