OS (Operating System)
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OS (Operating System)

We provide RHEL integrated technical services.

Why We Do

A successful case of open source software and world’s best OS – Linux

  • Operating system widely used in various environments
    Operating system widely used in various environments
    Linux is the OS that boasts the highest market share regardless of platform, such as server, PC, and mobile.
  • Must-have software for cloud transformation
    Must-have software for cloud transformation
    As the cloud transformation accelerates, the dominance of Linux is strengthening, and the cloud native technology based on Linux is also rapidly developing.
  • Software that can be used with no worries
    Software that can be used with no worries
    While Linux has an overwhelming market share, it maintains a healthy open source ecosystem in which companies in various fields continue to develop through cooperation and competition. This allows you to use it without worrying about being locked in or discontinued by a specific vendor.
Product Introduction

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Security and technical support are essential for stable use by Linux companies and public organizations.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) with an overwhelming market share in the world and in the domestic market, is distributed at a cost, but technical support is provided to do businesses in a more stable environment.

Customer Case

We now have an architecture that reduces TCO and facilitates cloud transformation.

– A global electronic product manufacturing company

Company A, a global electronic product manufacturer, was operating large-scale MES and ERP systems in domestic and overseas subsidiaries. Stability is a top priority for these systems as even a brief failure can cause serious financial losses. However, as the application range of the systems widened, various technical issues arose and quick response was required. In addition, as the cloud transformation accelerates, an in-depth understanding of the Linux OS is required to reduce costs and ensure high reliability and availability.

S-Core Services
S-Core has built a system based on the Linux OS for company A. We also provided technical services to optimize OS settings according to various architectural configuration changes, technical inquiries, and support for problems.

The Linux-based business system of company A is also spreading to other manufacturing affiliates, and has provided high-quality technical services across industries, such as finance, construction, and ICT. We contributed to the stable operation of the system through pre-inspections to prevent failures, as well as the prompt responses when issues arose. In addition, we supported the improvement of customers’ technical capabilities by sharing knowledge DB, such as failure cases and countermeasures against issues.

Company A gained the following values by transforming and building systems based on Linux OS.

Quantitative effect
– Reduced TCO by building open source SW based system on x86 hardware

Qualitative effect
– Secured architecture that facilitates future cloud transformation.

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