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DBMS (Database Management System)

We provide integrated technical service of EDB PAS, MariaDB and PostgreSQL.


The use of open source DBMS is increasing due to the change in system architecture.

  • System architecture change
    In the past, the DBMS in the monolithic architecture was very important in terms of reliability and stability to handle all centrally concentrated loads, and a commercial DBMS that guarantees this was the mainstream. However, as data went through the service-oriented architecture and microservice architecture, the data became dispersed. And as a result, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) became important. As a solution, open source DBMS is emerging.
  • Spread of open source DBMS
    As open source acts as an important pillar of digital innovation, the proportion of open source, including DBMS, in enterprise applications will increase in the future. In addition, as concerns about the dependency on a specific company or product are growing, more companies are choosing open source DBMS products to avoid this.
  • Anxiety about using open source DBMS
    The latest open source DBMS has high reliability and stability that are comparable to commercial products. However, concerns still remain about the difficulty to quickly respond to unexpected failures or performance issues when they occur.
    To solve this problem, it is necessary to secure professional in-house manpower or get help from a professional company with a high understanding of open source DBMS.

Service Provided

DBMS Construction and Technical Support

We provide integrated technical services for EDB PAS and MariaDB, which are representative open source DBMS, and PostgreSQL, which is a community version.


We provide stable technical services for open source DBMS to protect the valuable data of customers.

Software experts of S-Core analyze and support open source products at the source code level. Through partnerships with MariaDB and EDB, we further increase the reliability of technical support.

Service Details

  • Provides optimal open source DBMS technical service suitable for the customer environment
    Based on our long experience and broad expertise, we provide technical services tailored to the customer environment. For mission-critical systems, we provide technical services not only for enterprise versions, such as MariaDB and EDB PAS, but also for the community version of PostgreSQL to allow flexible system configuration according to the customer’s situation


  • Differentiated open source technology
    We possess in-depth technology accumulated through development and construction of open source-based systems as well as contributing source codes to open source DBMS.
  • Proven services
    We provide fast and stable services based on the experience of technical support for enterprise DBMS of leading domestic companies.
  • Links with vendors and communities
    In addition to providing stable technical services through partnerships with vendors, such as EDB and MariaDB, in-depth support connected with the PostgreSQL community is possible.

Customer Case

We are receiving detailed technical services for our stable DBMS operation.
– A domestic IT service company

Open source DBMS, such as EDB PAS, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL, are introduced to the enterprise system of company A, a leading domestic IT service company. To operate as stable as the conventional commercial DBMS in various platforms and environments, a deep understanding of open source DBMS was required.

Company A is building and operating various major systems of related companies, and these systems can cause serious financial loss even with a brief failure, so customers requested high stability of the system. Company A also wanted to reduce enormous costs, such as licenses incurred during operation.

S-Core Services
To meet the needs of customers, company A selected and actively tried to introduce open source DBMS that they can trust. In addition, company A selected the technical services of S-Core to respond to failures that may occur during operation. Based on its open source technology capabilities, S-Core immediately responded to technical issues up on occurring and contributed to stable operation through regular inspections to prevent failures in advance. In addition, by providing a knowledge DB, such as failure cases and countermeasures against issues, we are also promoting the improvement of our customers’ technical capabilities.

Company A acquired the following values by converting and building a system based on an open source DBMS.

Quantitative effect
– Reduced TCO by building an open source SW based system on x86 hardware.

Qualitative effect
– Secured a structure that facilitates future cloud transformation.

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