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Cloud Native

We provide integrated technical services of Docker and Kubernetes.


With the advent of IT modernization, all infrastructure is changing to a cloud native ecosystem.

  • IT infrastructure modernization and DevOps-oriented development environment change
    As the IT infrastructure environment shifts from on-premise to cloud base, application requirements are also increasing. The current architecture in which a number of applications should be developed and deployed using containers in a cloud environment is being filled with cloud-native technology, and open source software that forms the basis of cloud native is becoming the center.
  • Increasing need for cloud native open source software centered on Kubernetes
    Kubernetes orchestration of containers has become more important as it changes to a service-oriented architecture that deploys multiple containers together with applications. Cloud native open source SW that provides Kubernetes and other elemental technologies is essential to apply an agile methodology for quickly developing and deploying applications in microservice architecture and DevOps environment.
  • Best practice cases of and experiences in cloud native are important.
    From the perspective in which cloud native is a new technology that changes the existing paradigm, it is important to have the best practice experience and related technologies about how open source software should be used for architecture and construction.

Service Provided

Technical Support for Docker and Kubernetes

We provide integrated technical services for Docker, a container runtime solution, and Kubernetes, a container image management and orchestration solution.


We provide stable technical support services for Docker and Kubernetes for various services.

You don’t have to worry about configuring cloud infrastructure. We construct a cloud-based infrastructure environment using Docker and Kubernetes, and provide technical services that quickly respond to various obstacles and problem environments.

Service Details

  • Cloud native architecture optimized for customer infrastructure
    Based on rich customer experiences, we provide a customized cloud native open source SW architecture suitable for the installation of Docker and Kubernetes, cluster configuration, and infrastructure environment.
  • Technical support services of experts
    We provide the best technical service for stable system operation based on the technology of cloud native experts.


  • Cloud Native SW Architecture
    Based on the projects belonging to CNCF, we provide cloud native architecture in environments, such as microservice, DevOps, CI/CD, and container.
  • Technical support for preventing and responding to failures
    We provide technical support, such as failure prevention maintenance, patch work, and failure recovery to maintain the customer’s system in the best condition and stable and efficient operation.
  • A quick response based on experiences in best practices
    Quick response is possible with systematic history management and accumulated customer support experience.
  • Technical support of trustworthy experts
    Cloud native open source SW contributors provide direct technical support. We provide high-level technical service while reporting errors or reviewing the latest patches in the open source community.

Customer Case

Not only TCO can be reduced, but it is also possible to quickly respond to failures
– A global electronic product manufacturing company

Company A was using PaaS with Docker and Kubernetes as engines for its global MES infrastructure. To operate the system without problems on many manufacturing execution systems, a deep understanding of Docker, a container-based runtime, and Kubernetes, an orchestration platform, was required, and the capability to respond quickly to actual operational failures was also required.

S-Core Services
S-Core transferred the global MES application of company A to the container base using PaaS platform. The system of company A is not only a domestic but also a global manufacturing execution system, so the stability of the technical basis and reliability of technical support were required. Accordingly, company A chose the PaaS technology service of S-Core. S-Core responded to various failures that may occur during the system operation process, and immediately responded to and analyzed failures in case of emergency failures. In addition, by sharing knowledge-based data, such as failure cases and countermeasures against issues, we have received high trust from company A.

By building a PaaS platform based on Docker and Kubernetes, company A has achieved the following values.

Quantitative effect
– Reduced the total cost of ownership (TCO) for development and deployment by operating container-based applications.

Qualitative effect
– Secured customer reliability through quick failure analysis and support.

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