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Open Source SW

Provide end-to-end technical services from architecture consulting to conversion, construction and operation stages


We will solve your concerns about open source software applied to the enterprise system.

S-Core has been building core enterprise systems for Samsung affiliates by using open source software, and is contributing to various open source software communities. Based on advanced technology capabilities that can analyze and respond to the source code level of major open source software, we provide one-stop end-to-end technical services from architecture consulting for open source introduction to conversion, construction, and operation stages.

  • Technical service
    by software
    Paid technical service for each software and major infrastructure open source software target
  • System architect &
    construction service
    Provide system analysis/design/building and optimization services when building an open source software-based system
  • System-switching
    Provide conversion development and verification services when switching from commercial to open source software.

Open Source Service

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