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UI (User Interface) Platform

We provide a web front-end development platform with built-in Vue.js-based UI framework and Visual Studio Code-based IDE.


The development environment needs to be upgraded in response to rapidly changing web technologies.

  • Increase of web UI diversity and complexity
    UI is an area directly encountered by users, and is rapidly changing to provide complex businesses and functions more conveniently. Mobile devices account for more than half of all web traffic, and web applications that provide simpler functions than native applications are increasingly asked for complex services and high performance due to the explosive growth of online business and cloud. That’s why you need a responsive web and a progressive web.
  • Shortening service upgrade cycle
    As digital transformation accelerates, customers are getting used to embracing new experiences. No matter how good the service is, if it falls behind the trend or reflects VoC late, customers will leave. In particular, customers evaluate services through UI, so corporate UI needs to be upgraded quickly and constantly innovated.
  • Challenging development productivity improvement is needed
    To quickly deliver services that meet complex customer requirements, you need more challenging development productivity than ever before. The UI platform abstracts complex low-level areas and provides various essential UI components and easy-to-use development tools. Developers can focus on business logic development, and maintenance can be conducted efficiently. In addition, citizen developers who are not familiar with web technology can easily participate in the development.

Services Provided

UI Platform Development

We provide a web front-end development platform that embeds Vue.js-based UI framework and Visual Studio Code-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment).


We provide a web standard-based development platform with outstanding productivity and stability.

We provide an enterprise front-end integrated development environment including web standard and open source Vue.js based UI framework and components, convenient WYSIWYG UI authoring tools, and a Visual Studio Code-based editor familiar to developers.

Service Details

  • Provide Vue.js-based framework and components.
    By providing an open source Vue.js-based framework that complies with web standards, it is easy to connect with other solutions and can be applied to various environments with one-time development. Vue.js is a progressive web framework designed for incremental adoption and focuses on the view layer, making it easy to integrate with other libraries or existing projects.
    We can fully support sophisticated web services by providing Vue.js components optimized for various devices and use environments. Using components, you can quickly structure screens to develop in a batch pattern, easily understand the code, and extend basic HTML elements to create reusable components.
  • Providing development tools optimized for UI development
    By providing Vue.js-based UI-specific development tools and reusable sample code, you can quickly proceed, from creating the basic structure of a project to configuring and styling the UI layout based on WYSIWYG. The IDE integrated with Visual Studio Code is intuitively linked from UI creation to business logic development, allowing anyone to quickly and easily develop a complex UI according to the customer’s requirements.


  • One Source Multi Use
    It has excellent development productivity and maintainability because it can be applied to various environments (OS) with one-time development.
    It is equipped with an intuitive integrated development environment of the WYSIWYG method and a number of advanced components, so anyone can use it quickly and easily from UI design to development and testing.
  • Open source SW
    Open source-based frameworks and tools familiar to developers are highly versatile and constantly deliver new features and stability updates.
  • Enterprise-class performance
    It is optimized for enterprise applications, thereby it provides differentiated reaction velocity and scalability.

Customer Case

By using a standard UI development platform, front-end development productivity has improved significantly.
– A leading domestic IT service company

Company A is a leading domestic IT service company. Due to increasingly diversified new digital technologies and customer requirements, the level of difficulty of front-end development becomes higher, making it increasingly difficult to meet quality and delivery targets on a given budget. Accordingly, there is a need for UI development platform that anyone can easily and conveniently use and continuously expand while providing powerful functions to satisfy various customer requirements.

S-Core Services
S-Core standardized the front-end development environment fragmented for each project of company A with a UI platform, and implemented a system that can be consistently used in various projects from the proposal stage to construction and maintenance.

In addition, we have secured the necessary domain expansion components in the field by developing the front-end construction through our know-how accumulated over a long period of time with the UI platform.

Company A built its own standard UI development platform based on the UI platform and business know-how and is using it for business.

Quantitative effect
– Improved development productivity with WYSIWYG style authoring tools and highly complete standard components with which anyone can conduct development
– Reduced quality cost with seamlessly and flexibly connected screen design and implementation.
– Improved enterprise front-end service performance

Qualitative effect
– It is possible to apply component extensions and the development methodology optimized for each customer’s situation

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