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CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) Platform

We provide an integrated platform for development, deployment, and operation automation.


In a cloud environment, the process of development, deployment, and operation should be easy and fast.

  • The boundary between software development and operation becomes ambiguous.

    In the past, developers (Dev) wanted to quickly view the service they provided to their customers, while operators (Ops) tended to value the stability of the service more. In other words, there was a conflict between Dev and Ops because of the differences in development with different purposes and using different processes and tools. DevOps emerged from this background. DevOps is a software development methodology that emphasizes communication, collaboration, and convergence between software developers and operators. Gradually, the boundary between development and operation is becoming ambiguous in the direction that one development team can take responsibility for both Dev and Ops.
  • Popularization of cloud
    In the past, it took a lot of time and costs to construct an IT infrastructure to accommodate software architecture changes. But now, the changed software architecture environment can be created quickly and easily using the cloud. Eventually, there is a need for a distribution and operation system that can quickly implement the services desired by customers and markets on the cloud.
  • Increase of software complexity
    In the microservice architecture of the present time, work efficiency can be increased by distributing only the changed ones among the small broken modules. On the other hand, source configuration management, deployment management, and version management have become as complex as modules increased. There is a growing demand for a way to do this efficiently.

Service Provided

CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) Platform Development

We provide an integrated platform for development, deployment, and operation automation.


To increase development productivity, we provide an integrated development environment that supports application development convenience and collaboration

We increase development productivity by automating the build, test, and deployment processes, and improve code quality by source history management and automatic validation. In addition, through continuous monitoring, we analyze performance changes before and after application deployment and support early response to service failures. Build an advanced DevOps environment with the CI/CD platform that concentrates the development experience and capabilities of S-Core.

Service Details

  • We provide integrated tools for DevOps environment configuration orchestration
    We configure the DevOps environment required for a project quickly and easily, and we can construct an efficient DevOps environment because various DevOps tools, such as source configuration management, build/distribution automation, source code quality test, library repository, etc. are integrated and linked.
  • We provide know-how of building a DevOps system oriented for cloud and microservice architecture.
    Based on more than 10 years of DevOps development, operation, technical support experiences, platform development, and operation experiences, we provide the know-how necessary to build a customized DevOps system by reflecting the current trend in the industry, such as cloud and microservice architecture.


  • Integrated support for standard development tools
    Support major tools of configuring CI/CD in PaaS environment. Adopt web UI and provide end-to-end development tools and dashboard with convenient accessibility through integrated authentication.
  • Easy development environment configuration
    Automatically configure a new project that reflects development standards within 10 minutes. Support major development languages and frameworks.
  • Provides convenience of build and distribution
    Automatically configure the build/deployment pipeline. Support various deployment methods and rollbacks, and provide CI development and service tools to detect errors in a standard compilation environment.
  • Experiences in developing and operating large-scale build and distribution systems
    We provide customized DevOps strategy and construction know-how based on our experience of operating more than 200 developers, distributed-parallel build, CI/CD support, and more than 30 distributions for more than 200 modules.

Customer Case

The time required to establish a development environment has been reduced by 87% and a development and operation governance system has been established.”
– A global electronic product manufacturing company

Company A, a global manufacturer, has not only been unable to respond flexibly to rapid market changes because not only the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has a single architecture but also has difficulties in rapidly increasing system size and complexity due to business expansion. By operating a system for each overseas production base, redundant IT investments were made, and visibility of overseas production was not secured, resulting in poor manufacturing stability. In addition, the demand for manufacturing innovation based on new technologies was increasing, such as increasing productivity and streamlining the supply chain based on manufacturing data. Eventually, company A decided to build a new MES that can increase manufacturing competitiveness based on a low-cost and flexible architecture.

S-Core Services
Based on the CI/CD platform, S-Core has transformed the MES of company A from the existing single system structure to a microservice architecture of independent functional units. In addition, we established a standard development and operation process and an automated CI/CD system.

In addition, we established a platform portal to easily deploy and monitor container-based services to establish a cloud platform (PaaS) based standard development and operation governance system.

Company A established and is using standard development and operation processes and an automated CI/CD system.

Application of standard development platform
– Shortened development environment construction time: 8 days  → 1 day.

Increase of development and operation stability
– Can deploy change function at any time
– Improved deployment method: Manual work  → Automation

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