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Application Platform

We implement enterprise application framework, low code development tools, and SW asset catalog system.


Fast service upgrade is competitive edge.

  • Fast service upgrade
    As digital transformation is in full swing, new technologies, such as IoT, big data, and AI, should be quickly incorporated, and new value should be created by linking them with the services of other companies. Except for special cases, the construction of a next-generation system by the big bang method in the past will gradually decrease in the future, and rapid service upgrades based on the cloud and platform will become the mainstream.
  • Spread of hybrid cloud
    As the IT infrastructure of company is switched to the cloud, it is a trend to build a hybrid cloud considering data security and cost efficiency. Fixed traffic and security data processing use a private cloud, etc., and a public cloud is used together for large capacity traffic processing or global service. In addition, SaaS is used to connect the services of other companies and only core services are developed in-house.
  • Platform-based innovation
    Technologies, such as low code development, API-driven development, cloud native, microservice architecture, and DevOps, are required for easy and fast service development and deployment. In addition, a platform is required for the basis to actualize these technologies and to provide them continuously. Through the platform-oriented ecosystem, developers can easily develop services, companies can quickly forge new technologies while stably providing services, and customers can continue to receive the best services.

Service Provided

Application Platform Development

We implement an enterprise application framework, low-code development tools, and an SW asset catalog system.


We increase enterprise application development productivity.

Just focus on developing business logic. The platform will take over the complex and difficult low-level SW stacks, such as cloud connection, data processing, and transactions.

Service Details

  • We provide enterprise application development framework and tools
    We provide a spring-based framework optimized for the high-traffic environment of a large enterprise system and a convenient low code Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to help customers focus on business logic development. We also provide a cloud application development framework that has been recognized in the market for over 10 years.
  • We provide a catalog platform that capitalizes off of and easily uses software and data
    As the size of the IT system increases, silos between departments, SW redundancy development due to replacement of the person in charge, and low usage of centrally stored data centered on storage purposes become problems. Through the catalog platform, you can solve the redundant development problem and increase the usability of IT assets by establishing a system for sharing and reusing APIs, data, libraries, and container images required for development.


  • Productivity and quality improvement through a low code development tool
    We provide a low code IDE that abstracts common functions, such as transaction/professional processing, DB access, and cloud connection, and enhance design-implementation consistency so that you can focus on business logic development.
  • Stable execution and operation of large enterprise services

    We provide an operating environment by gathering the execution framework optimized for large-scale enterprise services, such as online, batch, and center cut, as well as monitoring, management and control functions necessary in the field.
  • Establishing a virtuous cycle system for sharing and reusing corporate IT assets
    We improve corporate IT productivity by establishing a system for sharing and reusing APIs, data, libraries, and container images required for development.
  • Increasing business efficiency by maximizing data utilization
    We improve data integrity and big data analysis efficiency through data movement and cleaning services centered on utilization rather than storage.

Customer Case

We are seeing the effect of reducing development costs by creating a system to share and reuse common IT assets.
– A global semiconductor manufacturing company

Company A is a global semiconductor manufacturer. As products are diversified and production volumes increase with the recent business growth, system complexity from R&D to quality and manufacturing processes has increased and the amount of data to be processed has drastically increased. For quality innovation that is more challenging than ever in the past, there is a need for a continuous and stable enterprise platform that can effectively connect numerous heterogeneous systems, deliver large amounts of data in real time, and easily apply new technologies, such as IoT, big data, and AI.

S-Core Services
S-Core has built an enterprise catalog platform by cataloging common IT assets fragmented within company A and providing integrated authentication linkage services and API/data relay services, so that APIs, data, and libraries required for development can be easily found and be converted and used with ease according to the purpose.

In addition, based on the catalog platform, we standardized the company-wide development environment, established an asset reuse system, and improved the integrated quality management system by increasing real-time analysis of quality data from development to manufacturing processes.

Company A became to have a system for sharing and reusing common IT assets based on the catalog platform.
Quantitative effect
– Reduced development cost by decreasing redundant development
– Shortened data-based defect analysis Turn Around Time (TAT)
– Reduced quality cost by standardizing development environment

Qualitative effect
– Laid the foundation for continuous new technology innovation.
– Built a fast and flexible quality innovation system.

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