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Data Platform

We provide comprehensive technology that increases data business competitiveness.


We provide comprehensive technology that increases data business competitiveness.

As the data processing industry, (e.g. big data), is growing rapidly around the world, the value of not only the core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including artificial intelligence, but also the basic technologies that are the basis for collecting, transmitting, processing, and using big data are also increasing.

S-Core has a MyData platform for MyData business, a visual data processing platform specialized in visual data processing, a massive data transmission solution that supports fast data transmission, and related technical capabilities and excellent personnel. Customers can focus on securing competitiveness through innovative data services based on the core technology provided by S-Core.

Creating innovative services based on MyData
In the newly opened MyData market, resolve your technology need through a professional partner. It is important for MyData providers to focus on the intrinsic value of creating innovative customer services.

Smart factory and fabrication business automation using visual data
It is possible to actualize the smart factories that manufacturing companies aim for and to advance the manufacturing environment based on new visual data processing technology. As existing tasks based on manual labor are automated, productivity increases and various new production innovations can be induced.

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