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Cloud Management Platform

We provide an integrated environment implementing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud easily.


The digital transformation of customers is accelerating with hybrid and multi-cloud strategy.

  • Rapid growth of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud markets
    As companies actively adopt the cloud environment to implement digital transformation, there are changes how infrastructure is managed. With the acceleration in the development of cloud technology, there is a growing market interest in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.
  • Accelerated competition across various cloud management platforms
    Accordingly, the demand for the integrated management of public, private, and edge clouds is increasing. Google and Microsoft are also providing integrated management functions for the competitors’ cloud services.
  • Expansion of the opensource software ecosystem for cloud platforms
    Container-based software and services are growing rapidly, and technologies, such as Kubernetes, OpenStack, and micro-service architecture, are attracting attention. In particular, Kubernetes-based technology has become the core of compatibility among cloud platforms, and the ecosystem is continuously expanding.

Service Offering

Cloud Management Platform Development

We provide an integrated environment in which you can easily implement the hybrid cloud and multi-cloud.


We provide an integrated management platform to operate cloud infrastructure easily.

We provide an integrated environment for easy operation and management of the cloud infrastructures such as OpenStack, VMware, and other vendors. We support self-service feature so that users can directly allocate and manage resources, and provide advanced functions including integrated view of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, automation and cost management.

Service Details

  • Building an easy-to-use integrated management platform
    We provide all functions necessary for cloud operation so that the customers can manage directly by self-service. In addition, with an intuitive user screen supports to build infrastructure environment for application development and operations quickly and easily.
  • Providing customized service based on micro-service architecture
    The best experts with the rich experience in developing multiple modules and architecture configurations support building optimized cloud environment according to the customer needs. We offer strong customized service based on micro-service architecture (modulization) for scalability.


  • Support hybrid cloud and multi-cloud
    By integrated management, we provide manageability on public, private, and edge cloud implementing compatibility among different technologies
  • Scalability in business and service
    By providing platform functions in open API makes it possible to have automation and scalable service expansion
  • Integration support with customer system
    You can seamlessly connect with various customer systems such as customer development environment and DevOps.

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