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Marketing Operation Strategy

We suggest the overall operation and execution strategy of digital marketing, such as omni-channel, new technology business plan, eStore operation optimization, etc.


The area of digital marketing is gradually expanding and changing according to customer needs.

  • Expansion of digital marketing area according to convergence of retail channels
    As consumption and distribution channels have been reorganized to focus online, digital marketing activities are performed both online and offline. Accordingly, marketing operation strategy is shifting from a company-centered independent channel operation to a customer- centered direction that creates synergy by linking experiences between channels.
  • Requiring sophisticated response to diversified customer needs.

    Various new technologies and platforms that can respond to customer’s complex purchasing decision process and diversified needs are emerging. Establishing a marketing strategy direction and securing new business opportunities and ecosystem by implementing segmented activities are emerging as an important growth engine of companies.

Services Provided

Marketing Operation Strategy Consulting

We suggest overall operation and execution strategies for digital marketing, including omni-channel, new technology business plan, and eStore operation optimization.


We suggest and execute digital marketing strategies that meet customer needs and technology changes.

Digital marketing is becoming more complex as customer purchasing behaviors and consumption trends change. S-Core suggests and executes advanced digital marketing operation strategies by organically combining customers’ online and offline marketing channels with its latest technologies.

Service Details

Marketing Operation Strategy


  • Segmented customer needs and propensity analysis
    We perform an in-depth analysis of customer needs and propensity to segment customer groups and derive passion points and pain points by conducting a survey on target customers.
  • Development of sophisticated custom digital marketing strategies
    We suggest the direction, establish detailed strategies and execute of target products, omni-channel tailored to consumers and market environment, IoT, eStore marketing, and new business.
  • Experiences in omni-channel application within various environments
    We have project cases in which we have designed and executed omni-channel marketing strategies and experiences according to various country-specific environments.
  • Proven online store and channel management capabilities

    We carry out optimized digital marketing activities based on the stability proven through years of operating experience in global online stores and marketing channels.

Customer Case

It was helpful for improving online and offline sales and managing inventory.
– A global electronic product manufacturing company

Company A, a global electronic product manufacturer, had a retailer-oriented distribution structure due to the nature of industry. Company A wanted to expand D2C (Direct to Consumer) marketing and sales link through direct exchanges with consumers by breaking away from the distribution structure. In addition, as the electronic product market gradually expands online, and the main consumers of future, Generation Z, prefer the complex purchasing decision process in both online and offline, it became necessary to establish and execute new distribution channels and marketing strategies accordingly.

Services of S-Core
To solve the problems faced by Company A, S-Core analyzed exact passion points and propensities through a survey of consumers’ purchasing behaviors and preferences. In addition, we elaborately designed omni-channel marketing strategies and customer experiences by identifying detailed needs for D2C marketing expansion goals and pain points for each channel. We established strategies so that consumers can easily enter the ecosystem of Company A and have a connected experience, both online and offline. We also implemented and operated strategies through communication with the person in charge of each organization.

  • 1. Omni-channel Strategy
    [Design omni-channel customer journey scenario]Discover improvement element for each customer touch-point, develop on/off channel-linked purchase inducement scenario via sales measurement
    Build 360-degree view based omni-channel operation strategy
  • 2. IoT Strategy
    [Develop IoT use case per customer segment]Subdivide valid customer in accordance to customer passion points and derive customer needs-based differentiated use case
    Develop quick-win micro use case based on deep-dived understanding over customer tendency and elaborate messages
  • 3. App Operation Strategy
    [Derive marketing insight based on global leading company analysis]Discover specialized feature/service applicable within App. and define functional requirements
    Optimize customer experience and secure digital competency through App contents reinforcement and specialized feature design

In addition, to strengthen D2C capabilities, we established IoT use cases by executing a thorough analysis of customer data and designed an app content enhancing function.

Company A was able to expect the following effects through the establishment and execution of omni-channel strategies.

Quantitative effect
– Marketing: Increased traffic by each touch point
– Online sales: Expanded online sales conversion based on offline connection
– Offline sales: Reduced offline inventory based on online connection

Qualitative effect
– Provided a connected customer experience through omni-channels.
– Secured potential customer data by expanding D2C sales.

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