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Data Consulting

Data management system establishment and solution consulting service for overall corporate operation


We provide a consulting service that enable business performance based on data.

Master data is the business language shared by the company, customers, and partners. In the era of business model change promoted by digital transformation, master data expands to operational information and plays the role of a power and energy source for performance creation.

S-Core supports customers’ data-based innovation and performance creation based on the establishment of a traditional master data management system. Experience the enterprise data management total service based on assets accumulated through many projects, a pool of experts with rich experiences, and proven solutions.

에스코어의 엔터프라이즈 데이터 관리 컨설팅 서비스의 상관 관계
Business consulting Solution consulting BPO service
Data Governance Data governance Consulting Data governance solution build-up Data governance operation service
Data-based innovation Data-based innovation consulting Data-based innovation system construction Data-based innovation service operation
Master Data Management Master Data Governance Consulting Master data management system construction Master data management BPO service

Enterprise Data Management Consulting Service of S-Core

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