Digital Innovation Consulting
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
    We establish a mid to long-term transformation plan and strategy for the transformation of companies to digital enterprise through changes in operations and capabilities.
  • Digital Operation Innovation(Transformation)
    From marketing and sales to business management, we find the changes that digital technology will make in various areas of the value chain to suggest a new digital operation model.
Data Consulting
  • Master Data Management
    We provide company-wide master data Standardization, quality system, governance and MDM·DQM system construction services for business operational excellence.
  • Data-based Innovation
    Data-based Innovation
    We provide operational information management consulting, and ODM system construction services for data-based innovation performance creation.
  • Data Governance
    We provide consulting services for data governance operation strategy establishment, operation system design, and data integration management platform construction for efficient management of company-wide data assets.
Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Marketing Operation Strategy
    We suggest overall operation and execution strategies for digital marketing, including omni-channel, new technology business plan, and eStore operation optimization.
  • Customer Experience Management
    We suggest a direction that encompasses scenarios, integrated data, and content to implement a consistent customer experience system.
  • Digital Consumer Intelligence
    We connect you to an immediate responsive marketing through digital consumer lifestyles and behavioral response sensing.
  • Digital Performance Optimization
    We suggest a test-and-scale-based differentiated execution plan for optimizing performance between various digital marketing channels
  • Marketing Science & Advanced Analytics
    Marketing-specialized data scientists use advanced modeling and digital technology to implement marketing science.
  • Digital Platform Operation Management
    We provide optimal management service that maximizes the integrated construction and utilization of digital platform.
Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Management Platform
    We provide an integrated environment in which hybrid cloud and multi-cloud can be easily implemented. You can experience automated self-services and advanced cloud management services
  • Hybrid Cloud Platform
    We propose the optimal state of customer resources through usage-based analysis so that you can efficiently use a number of scattered cloud resources and reduce costs.
  • IaaS · PaaS Platforms
    We provide a flexible cloud infrastructure and a rapid delivery environment. Open-cloud based technology service helps continuous innovation of the customer platform.
Dev-Ops Platform
  • Application Platform
    We support customers’ development productivity improvement through the enterprise application framework, low code development tools, and catalog system for reuse of SW assets.
  • UI Platform
    Using the familiar Vue.js-based UI framework and Visual Studio Code-based IDE, developers can quickly and easily build web front-end.
  • CI/CD Platform
    We provide an integrated CI/CD environment that shortens the service upgrade cycle for customers by seamlessly and flexibly connecting Git, Nexus, Jenkins, SonarQube, etc.
  • JavaScript Code Quality Analysis Solution
    We support code quality improvement by providing the latest ECMA standards, Vue.js, and React-specific rule inspection of the most used JavaScript language for web development.
Data Platform
  • MyData Platform
    By providing all functions of collecting personal credit information and fulfilling the obligation to provide information in one integrated platform, we support you in quickly preparing your MyData service business at a reasonable cost.
  • Visual Data Processing Platform
    It is a platform-based service that processes and analyzes visual data in the field of EPC and semiconductors. Build an automation system to increase work productivity.
Open-source SW
  • OS
    We provide technical services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), a representative enterprise version Linux, and CentOS, a community version.
  • DBMS
    We provide technical services for EDB PAS and MariaDB, which are representative open source DBMS, and PostgreSQL, which is a community version.
  • Middleware
    We provide web application middleware platform technology services for high-performance enterprise environments.
  • Cloud Native
    We provide the technical services of Docker, a container runtime solution, and Kubernetes, a container image management and orchestration solution.