Digital Innovation Consulting

Digital Innovation Consulting
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
    We establish a mid to long-term transformation plan and strategy for the transformation of companies to digital enterprise through changes in operations and capabilities.
  • Digital Operations Transformation
    From marketing and sales to business management, we find the changes that digital technology will make in various areas of the value chain to suggest a new digital operation model.

Data Consulting

Data Consulting
  • Master Data Management
    We provide company-wide master data Standardization, quality system, governance and MDM·DQM system construction services for business operational excellence.
  • Data-based Innovation
    We provide operational information management consulting, and ODM system construction services for data-based innovation performance creation.
  • Data Governance
    We provide consulting services for data governance operation strategy establishment, operation system design, and data integration management platform construction for efficient management of company-wide data assets.
  • MyData
    We provide service strategy, planning, and data analysis consulting for customized services, including operator authorization for the service.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Consulting

Open Source Software

Open Source Software (OSS)
  • Operating System
    We provide Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), a leading enterprise version of Linux, and technical services.
  • DBMS
    It provides MariaDB, a representative open source DBMS, and technical services.
    We provide a web application middleware platform JBOSS and technical services for high-performance enterprise environments.
  • Search and Analysis
    We provide a big data platform Elasticserach and technical services that can be used in various fields.
  • Technical Support Services
    We provide open source SW technical services for all areas of enterprise IT systems.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Management Platform
    We provide an integrated environment in which hybrid cloud and multi-cloud can be easily implemented. You can leverage governance capabilities to efficiently use cloud resources and reduce costs.
  • IaaS · PaaS platforms
    We provide a flexible cloud infrastructure and a rapid delivery environment. Open-cloud based technology service helps continuous innovation of the customer platform.
  • Low code platform
    We provide an easy and fast all-in-one platform from modeling to development, linkage and assetization. High-quality application development environments ensure high development productivity.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions
  • MyData platform
    We provide an integrated platform for all functions of personal credit information collection and information provision obligations to quickly prepare for MyData service business at a reasonable cost.
  • Web editor solution
    We provide an HTML5-based document editor to conveniently create documents in various browser environments.
  • Javascript code quality analysis
    We provide the latest ECMA standards, Vue.js, and React specialized rules for the most commonly used JavaScript languages in web development to improve code quality.
  • Visual data processing platform
    We provide the platform-based service that processes and analyzes visual data of architecture and semiconductors. Automation systems increase business productivity.