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Digital Performance Optimization

We suggest a test & scale-based differential execution plan for optimizing performance between various digital marketing channels


Multi-channel performance optimization increases marketing efficiency.

  • Importance of effective communication with customers based on accurate performance tracking
    With the diversification of digital channels, performance marketing that maximizes conversion at an efficient cost has emerged. In recent years, as inverted marketing funnel, a form of pre-purchase and post-experience that is opposite to traditional purchasing pattern, is emerging, it can be said that the capability to quickly sense customer intentions to convert and communicate with them at the right time is the core competitiveness of digital performance optimization.
  • Improvement of conversion effect and brand awareness through performance optimization
    Marketer’s short-term performance indicator is conversion, but building brand preference in the long run is also an important goal. Therefore, it’s important to drive conversion while increasing brand awareness by ensuring that customers have a consistent and personalized experience across channels while they are experiencing brands.

Service Provided

Digital Performance Optimization Consulting

We suggest a test-and-scale-based differential execution plan for optimizing performance between various digital marketing channels.


We optimize performance through digital channel performance management and advancement in test-and-scale-based communication.

We track customer behaviors and conversions within various marketing channels to provide personalized communication for each stage of the customer experience. We maximize conversion effect by optimizing journey and content through tests and optimizations.

Service Details

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  • Proven KPI optimization method
    We diagnose current digital marketing activities and suggest improved operational strategies. We derive insights on performance and set optimized KPIs through establishing hypothesis for campaigns and quickly and repeatedly verifying it.
  • Performance-based content optimization experience
    We discover and present optimal content and services that maximize conversion within the stages of customer perception-experience-purchase by channel. In addition, we secure brand awareness by implementing strategy and content alignment between cross channels.
  • Selection and management of influencers
    We select and manage influencers suitable for marketing purposes and optimize marketing performance through influencers by providing customized communication for each type.
  • Optimization of performance-based loyalty marketing
    We classify customers with membership according to behavior and conversion, and analyze lifetime value by type to optimize customer experience by providing differentiated content and services.

Customer Case

We have systematized performance management for multi-channel and improved marketing performance.
– A global electronic product manufacturing company

Company A, a global electronic product manufacturer, was carrying out various marketing activities for several digital channels. The marketers of company A delivered communication based on the behaviors of incoming customers by channel to expand the conversion of customer activities and purchases. However, as campaigns by subsidiary and channel were executed individually, marketing performance degraded, and it was difficult to build brand awareness and preference due to different customer experiences. Company A needed a new strategy for digital performance optimization.

Services of S-Core
S-core established digital campaign performance management system for multi-channel. First, we collectively analyzed performance, such as customer visits, use of services and purchase conversions, for each customer touch point of customer experience journey. Through this, we established campaign performance management framework and provide maximization plan for enterprise marketing performance by implementing optimized alignment between strategy and content.

  • 1. Cross Channel Campaign optimization
    [Multi-channel digital campaign result management system]Build campaign result management framework and implement optimized alignment between strategy-contents
    Optimize marketing performance based on cooperation across all marketing dimensions of enterprise
  • 2. Influencer Management Optimization
    [Deepen analysis on tech. vs. beauty field influencer ]Derive influencer type via follower traits analysis
    Utilize influence selection/management and tailor communication with each influencer type
  • 3. Loyalty Marketing
    [Analyze customer lifetime value via membership]Discover applicable specialized feature/service and define functional requirements
    Differentiate business based on customer membership level

In addition, we optimized influencer management by in-depth analysis of them based on the characteristics of their followers, and led business differentiation through analysis of the lifetime value of membership customers.

Company A was able to expect the following effects through a new digital performance optimization strategy.

Quantitative effect
– Marketing: Increased marketing ROI through efficient marketing execution
– Sales: Increased sales through marketing activity optimization

Qualitative effect
– Managed systematic multi-channel marketing performance
– Improved brand awareness based on customer tailored communication

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