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Digital Consumer Intelligence

We connect you to immediate responsive marketing through digital consumer lifestyle and behavioral response sensing.


It is important to understand and respond to changes in consumer behavior within digital channels in a timely manner.

  • Read changes in consumer behavior to identify more accurate needs.
    Data intelligence allows us to take a closer look at consumers. During the process of making a purchase decision, consumers show various behaviors, such as searching for products, visiting the homepage, and sharing opinions. Analyzing these consumer behaviors and sensing changes to understand their perceptions and needs are emerging as important factors in enhancing business competitiveness.
  • Real-time monitoring and close response to customer needs
    As important as analyzing consumer behavior and obtaining meaningful insights is to respond to immediate timing. There are many cases in which consumer posts that have occurred over a certain period of time are collected and analyzed, and the brand crisis occurs due to missing the right response time. Therefore, it is important to respond promptly by selecting and analyzing in real time what should be noted among consumer reactions.

Services Provided

Digital Consumer Intelligence Consulting

We connect you to an immediate responsive marketing through digital consumer lifestyle and behavioral response sensing.


We recognize changes in consumer behavior in a timely manner and link them with immediate marketing response.

Digital marketing is no longer limited to online and mobile devices. S-Core presents and executes advanced digital marketing strategies by organically using all-round online and offline marketing channels and sophisticated technologies.

Service Details

  • In-Moment Sensing
    1Real-time issue sensing
  • On-Time Analysis
    2Figure out data-based customer insight
  • Responsive Marketing
    3Customer insight response execution contents feed-in


  • Supporting practical decision-making with customer response analysis experience
    Based on various social data, we analyze consumer reactions before, during, and after the launch of a new product and reflect it in customer communication and product planning.
  • Holding a real-time issue sensing methodology
    Among the reactions of consumers and media related to the company and competitors, we select issues and keywords that need attention, and detect and analyze them in real time, enabling immediate response.
  • Using a proven digital listening solution

    We provide optimal analysis results and stable services by linking a digital listening solution that has been verified through a number of projects.

Customer Case

By systematically analyzing consumer reactions to products, we were able to conduct effective marketing communication and help prevent the expansion of potential issues.
– A global electronic product manufacturing company

Company A, a global electronic product manufacturer, launched a number of products annually and actively carried out marketing activities for each product using various media. Company A wanted to check consumer reactions in order to more efficiently execute its huge marketing budget and increase the purchase conversion rate. Because consumer research takes time to investigate the reaction and has the limitation of targeting a limited sample, company A wanted to find a way to immediately reflect the reaction of consumers by checking consumers’ reactions in real time.

Services of S-Core
S-Core analyzed consumer reactions by product based on social data. Before, during, and after product launch, we analyzed consumer comments, positives, and negatives in social channels to derive major interests and unmet needs of consumers by product. Based on this, we established an immediate marketing direction and carried out customer communication. In addition, through image analysis in social channels and lifestyle analysis of target consumers, we have more accurately identified consumer interests so that they can be referred to in planning future products.

  • 1. Product Response
    [Analyze new product customer reaction]Analyze attention rate and positive/negative response over pre/post contents execution that reflected CX about new product usage features
    Plan and execute post-launch contents in accordance to customer response
  • 2. Image Analytics
    [Analyze millennial customer camera related CX]Analyze images about millennial customer main interests and SNS-uploaded hashtag
    Reflect target customer image usage types on product planning
  • 3. Audience Analysis
    [Analyze target customer interest]Lead tracking on customer change through measuring main customer interest
    Reflect customer unmet-needs based lifestyle on marketing

Company A was able to expect the following effects through analysis of consumer reactions to a new product and experiences.

Quantitative effect
– Marketing: Improved marketing ROI and reduced cost
– Sales: Increased sales by improving marketing communication

Qualitative effect
– Prevented expansion of potential issues through immediate issue sensing
– Planned the next product that reflects consumer interest

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