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Customer Experience Management

We suggest a direction that encompasses scenarios, integrated data, and content to implement a consistent customer experience system


In the digital era, improving the level of data-based customer experience is essential.

  • Integration of single customer view data that fully understands customers
    The prospect that potential customer needs can be identified through consumer data analysis is prevailing. Consumer data analysis is evolving in the direction of implementing a single customer view by collecting and processing customer data from online and offline channels in real time, beyond managing customer information with CRM.
  • Provision of a consistent experience management based on integrated data
    Companies’ movement to increase convenience and to secure loyalty by providing personalized customer experiences based on data from a single customer view perspective is expanding. Preemptively responding to customer churn and enhancing retention by raising the level of the customer experience journey is becoming the marketing competitiveness of leading companies in the digital era.

Services Provided

Customer Experience Management Consulting

We suggest a direction that encompasses scenarios, integrated data, and content to implement a consistent customer experience system.


We present and execute customer experience strategies that will enhance business competitiveness in the digital era.

The level of customer experience management in the digital era is directly linked to business competitiveness. S-Core presents and executes strategies to provide advanced customer experiences based on integrated customer data management and personalized content development and operation.

Service Details

  • 1. Build Scenario for CEJ-based CX Enhancement
    Increase customer loyalty and acquire new customers by providing specialized customer experience
  • 2. Build Internal Integrated-DB to Manage Seamless CX
    Provide personalized service via Single Customer View-based integrated DB
  • 3. Monitor CX Indicator & Operate Execution Contents
    Execute tailored communication and response via real-time CX monitoring


  • Holds a number of success cases
    We have scenarios that can be used from the perspectives of customers and companies verified through actual project cases. We select the appropriate case for the company and present the direction of customer experience management and execution strategies.
  • Experiences in designing customer data integration strategies
    We suggest a 360-degree single customer view-level data integration plan optimized for the use scenario of a company by analyzing the connection status of data distributed each customer touch point and infrastructure.
  • Designs an optimized customer experience journey
    Through a project with a globally-leading company, the capability to develop and execute personalized content and offerings has been verified. Through this, we optimize the customer purchasing and brand experience journey based on the integrated data.
  • Operation of indicators related to customer experience
    We provide a step-by-step operation indicator guide for digitized customer experience to support real-time customer experience operation and diagnosis for change management.

Customer Case

In addition to improving sales, we can now increase the utilization of customer data.
– A global electronic product manufacturing company

Company A, a global electronic product manufacturer, has secured vast amount of customer data through customer exchanges at various online and offline touch points. However, company A has been passively responding to customer needs and pain points that come from touch points. Eventually, customers complained about different information and inconsistent experiences for each online/offline touch point, and they did not show their interests in content and offers that did not meet their needs. Therefore, company A wanted to solve the changing needs of customers by using the vast amount of data it has.

Services of S-Core
S-Core analyzed the customer data retention and operation status of company A by touch point to identify the data type, tendency, and relationship. We derived integrated data scenarios based on the environment of each touch point and customer needs, and suggested an optimized data integration plan. In addition, we proposed strategies to secure single view from the perspective of customers based on integrated data, and developed and delivered customized content and offerings to enhance the customer experience.

  • 1. Discover Customer Experience Scenario
    [Develop scenario throughout CEJ stage]Discover scenario per pre/mot/post purchase stage to enhance CX and proceed customer verification progress
    Integrate DB and customer experience execution in accordance to scenario process and requirements
  • 2. Develop Customer Data Integrated View
    [Implement customer-perspective integrated data view]Create DB that integrates dispersed customer info. In each channel, and define integrated-view functional requirements
    Integrate customer DB and implement dashboard based on proposals throughout stage
  • 3. Develop Personalized Contents & Offering
    [Customer data based personalized offering]Develop customer value-tailored campaign and contents based on customer info monitoring
    Execute tailored marketing within channels throughout CEJ

Company A was able to expect the following effects through the development of customer data integration view.

Quantitative effect
– Marketing: Increased ROI through personalized offers
– Sales: Increased sales through personalized customer experience

Qualitative effect
– Expanded customer data utilization
– Secured transparency in customer information management
– Secured brand loyalty through customer experience management

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