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JBoss Enterprise Middleware provides integrated technology services.

Why We Do

Open source is the most popular middleware server in the global market.

  • Operating systems widely used in a variety of environments
    Operating systems widely used in a variety of environments
    The leading middleware WAS (Web Application Server) has developed the technology with open source, and open source products account for 90% of middleware used in the global market. Based on JavaEE standards and activated communities, open source WAS is leading the latest technology trends.
  • Support of Cloud environments
    Support of Cloud environments
    Open source WAS supports a variety of cloud environments, especially with a flexible, lightweight architecture for PaaS. Superior compatibility and efficiency make it one of the most widely deployed application software in Cloud environments.
  • Java EE 8
    Support of state-of-the-art Java EE 8 standards
    WAS is developed based on the Java EE standard, and Jboss EAP and the open-source version of Wildfly (Jboss AS) obtain the latest Java EE 8 certification. In particular, the Java EE 8 certified product released globally for the first time is open source based Wildfly.
Product Introduction

JBoss Enterprise Middleware

S-Core, which is a generic term for Red Hat’s pure open source middleware solution, offers JBoss WEB/WAS server solutions in the RHEL lines.
JBoss WEB/WAS is a solution leading the Java standard and scalable product that ensures enterprise performance and stability. Industry-leading Red Hat online services and on-site support from S-Core experts can help configure and operate a reliable enterprise IT environment.

Customer Case

Reduced TCO through Container technology and open-source SW

– IT Company A

Company A’s was operating a commercial middleware for the groupware (4 million users, 24×7 global services). In order go to reduce TCO and address EOL issues led by the aging system and to handle bulk traffic flexibly and reliably, a new architecture was required. The shift to open source middleware for the Container environment satisfied all service requirements, which was the largest scale project in the country.

S-Core Services
Based on our open source technology and cloud architect capabilities, we designed the system for high availability and high efficiency. Container technology brought about infrastructure scalability, cost savings, and efficiency in development and operation, and the open-source middleware of the latest standards helped build a stable and compatible system.

Company A reduced total TCO and achieved service reliability and development and operational efficiency by adopting and building the open source middleware for the groupware.

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