Compliance / Code of Ethics

Compliance / Code of Ethics


“S-Core established and actively practices the Compliance Principles.

As the recovery of the global economy is slowing down in developed countries, countries are rushing to adopt policies in order to protect their
own industries and they also demand for corporate social responsibility as it is also becoming important for companies to consider.
In order to become a global solution and service provider its core capability called ICT (Information & Communication Technology) must be used.
S-Core declared the Compliance Principles and demands the highest level of compliance with legal and ethical standards applicable.
These standards apply anywhere around the world when doing business domestically or overseas.
To reduce managerial risks that may arise from problems concerning fair transactions, anti-corruption, intellectual property
and personal information protection, and strategic logistics in the ordinary course of business, S-Core has created a compliance process
in order to reinforce prevention.
Compliance activities are largely comprised of prevention, monitoring and follow-up processes. Other activities also include compliance education,
compliance monitoring, evaluation and compensation, systems and reporting. All employees at Samsung SDS are doing their best efforts to
become leaders in the global market by complying with all applicable laws and integrity.

Code of Ethics

“Samsung aims to become a top-tier global company that contributes to building
a better golbal society.this is a accomplished by devoting its’ own human resources
and technologies to create the best products and services.”

To that end, we share and pursue “Samsung Values”. These values include: People, Excellence, Change, Integrity, and Co-prosperity.
To comply with laws and ethical standards, we have established and are determined to practice business principles that will serve
as standards throughout the whole company and as, “Samsung people.”