Software R&D Service

Software R&D Service

Algorithm design
and Development

S-Core is currently conducting various in-depth
research on algorithm
in the areas of security,
search engine,
data analysis, graphic, and more.
With the bedrock
of active investment,
S-Core developed high quality technologies
unique to S-Core, designed to prevent replication
by third parties.
S-Core endeavors to offer solutions
based on
its one-of-a-kind technologies.
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Service Offering

Algorithm design and development
R&D in Graphics & Vision

In the area of computer graphics, S-Core’s in-depth knowledge and the experience in full graphics stack, encompassing HW driver layer to
application layer, has enabled it to not only develop its own optimized 2D and 3D engines, but also develop solutions for full stack optimization.
In fact, major smartphones of high profile clients, equipped with the above optimized technologies, are currently available in the market. 

In the area of computer vision, by utilizing the latest machine learning techniques, S-Core is conducting research on algorithm for various applications.
By realizing the motion recognition and human activity analysis, S-Core continues its development of technologies applicable to video surveillance,
environment safety solution, and more. 

In addition, S-Core is currently conducting research on Augmented Reality (AR), currently in the limelight followed by the synergy of graphics and
vision technologies. Active investments are being made on innovative research, such as the AR solutions utilizing smart glass and projector applied
in the logistics business, which are expected to increase work efficiency.

Static Analysis

At the early stage of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), static code analysis offers the automatic detection of possible program defects.
Simple syntax errors and convention violations are relatively easy to find automatically. However, to find real semantic and logical bugs,
complex analysis algorithm is required that is both accurate and efficient. S-Core is conducting in-depth research on the static analysis of JavaScript.

Bug Detection
- Early detection of potential defects in the program
Program Understanding
Provides advanced information for fast program comprehension
Security Checking
- Finds application layer security vulnerabilities effectively
- Finds code having structural performance problems
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