Software R&D Service

Software R&D Service

Web Technology

Based on our rich experiences in developing
state-of-the-art web technology,
we provide an web based IDE
and a web editor product.
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Service Offering

Web-based Development Platform

We have founded and been maintaining an open source project, Webida (, which was first developed as a web/cloud based
IDE for HTML5, and then grew up as a web application (plug-ins) development platform written in JavaScript like Eclipse.
We help our customers to quickly develop web service style (SaaS) SDK for their software platform exploiting this open source platform

A Plugin based Web F/W
- Plugin system - Workbench (view system, menu system, resource management)
Web Code Editor
- Content assist - Code navigation - Code visualization (type info, syntax error)
Web Graphical Editing F/W
- Graphical WYSIWYG editing F/W)
Web File System
- Web VFS APIs, web terminal - API gateway (metering and access control)


  • Cafe Note

    CAFE Note is a web document WYISWYG editor.
    CAFE Note provides document editing features likes MS-Word and supports cross-browsing and multi-platform. It also supports MS-Office documents.

    - HTML5 based Web editor - CAFE Note fully supports W3C specifications and a user doesn’t need to install any plug-ins like ActiveX controls. - A user can make/modify any contents easily on a web browser. - CAFE Note fully supports MS Office documents – MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint. - CAFE Note can be used any web sites and systems running various system OS(s) and Browser(s).
  • Font Service

    Type has long been the one of the best way to communicate, exchange, express, edit and record our ideas.
    Corefont will give you great experiences to read on most of media such as book, website, app. and digital devices with screen.

    • - LIBRARIES : 743 Fonts (41 Families)
    • MEDIUME : Typeface design, eText fonts, Web fonts, Fonts for embedding, Custom typeface design, Fonts for OEMs
      Print _Desktop fonts make text look its best in print.
      Web_Web fonts make life online a whole lot better for designers, brands and browsers.
      Custom_Custom design gives identity-conscious brands a signature style and a competitive edge.
    • - FIND OUR FONTS AT : Myfonts ( (
      Fontspring (
      Linotype (
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