Software R&D Service

Software R&D Service

Big Data

Architected completely in the open,
S-Core Hadoop Data
Platform provides
an enterprise
ready data platform
that support
realtime data processing
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Service Offering

  • Hadoop Data Platform

    Provides enterprise data solution and data platform composed of 100% open source; Apache Hadoop

    - Customized data platform for the different client environment - Data analysis applications for the enterprises
  • Data Processing Platform

    Collection and realtime analysis at the same time about large amount of data, and data preprocessing

    - Cross correlation, Stream processing, Realtime analysis, Data preprocessing - Machine learning library - Data visualization
  • Expert Technical Support

    Including diagnosis, troubleshooting, emergency recovery and optimization.
    Along with Data Platform support, S-Core's Hadoop field engineers help your stable operation of mission-critical Hadoop system.

    - Diagnosis of Data Platform Issues in On-Site - Technical Consulting for Hadoop Ecosystem - Application Developer Guides & Documentation
  • Education

    Lean on our Data Platform experts to help you build real-world Hadoop solutions

    - On-Demand Training - Full-length courses on a range of Hadoop technologies for developers and administrators.


  • BigPod (Big Data Platform)

    Data platform is an integration of big data technology and the aggregated environment for supporting its applications. In the era of tremendous increase of data and rapid business changes, easy-to-use platform with the immediate technology support is critical factor to win.

    Key Features BigPod is 100% open source composed data platform which allows minimal vendor dependency and provides optimized environment for the business flexibility and agility. - Usability to manage total numbers of nodes from a single nodec - Concentrated log management system offering real-time alarm for the system error and issue - Easy to expand/organize both HW and SW depending on the data size and the service - 30% increased performance for data pre-processing and 120% faster processing speed compared to foreign competitors - Applied In-memory/Distributed processing technology and performance optimization for batch & real-time analyzing speed
    • - Dedicated technical support by local experts on open source software * Supports Korean language service for the various technology including Hadoop, Elastic Search, NoSQL, Spark, Machine Learning etc.
      * Manages excellent team of OSS experts on Hadoop and the related software
      * Provides stable technical support for the enterprises including data base solution transfer to Hadoop environment
      * Offers competitive pricing and prompt on-site technical service
  • CoreSIEM (Next Generation Security Information & Event Management Solution)

    Log data is a meaningful resource which contains exact detail sets of record what has occurred at a firm. Furthermore, security log can be used as an important resource recording threat information. S-Core's SIEM Solution detects complicated threats and provides real-time analyzing environment by utilizing these log data.

    Key Features Designed with Hadoop based data platform (BigPod), it is able to cope with the tremendous increase of data and threat pattern changes. - Manages a team of experts for the stable operation and quick turnaround in trouble shooting - 130% performance excellence on Event Correlation than the product of competitors - Fast browsing of raw data and normalization data, 200% performance improvement than competitors - Provides the editor and the reporting function for the analyzing rule definition - Automatically creates event detection and correlation analysis rule - Supports advanced analysis such as Predictive Analysis, Deep Forensic, Machine Learning and etc.
  • Operational Data Management(ODM) System

    Operational Data is a dynamic data revised by the result from process execution and it is managed in the area where productivity increase comes priority such as manufacturing. S-Core ODM analyzes and optimizes operational data to apply into the business system. It can analyze various data sets and consistently monitor the progress including procurement/manufacturing/distribution time, factory/facility/product manufacturing time, yield, and operation rate.

    Key Features - Dynamic Dashboard: Access and monitor operating status/operating level/improvement result - Auto measurement on data quality and operating level - Output management: automatic program generation regarding on the output logic setup - Scheduling and monitoring on work optimization: optimization process, scheduling and output process monitoring - Simulation: Operational data improvement, outcome prediction and effectiveness of quality improvement - Data Lifecycle Management: data life cycle management, data creation, storage, disposal, backup and etc. - Workflow: supports linkage among other systems, approval path confirmation and record keeping management by operational data

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