Software R&D Service

Software R&D Service

Programming System

We develop and provide a variety
of programming systems for our customers
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Service Offering

  • Software Platform Development

    A software platform is a software environment that is used to write and run applications. We have participated in a variety of
    SW platform development projects, especially focusing on SDK or programming system.

    - Tizen Platform : Tizen application programming model, SDK, and platform development - Web Platform : HTML5, Web/Cloud-based development environment - Microsoft Windows Compatible OS : A desktop OS that is compatible with Microsoft Windows - IoT Data Service Platform : An enterprise service platform to inter-connect things and data via server (cloud) - Android, Linux, Windows, Mac : Profound knowledge and experiences in major software platform technology - Runtime System : Virtual machine, emulator, and simulator
  • Tools for Enhancing Software Quality

    SQA (Software Quality Assurance) is planned and systematic patterns of actions to provide adequate confidence that a software
    product conforms to the given requirement. SQA is typically achieved through the use of well-defined automation techniques and tools.
    We have participated in a variety of projects to develop techniques and tools helping developers to achieve this goal.

    - Static Analysis : Bug and security vulnerability detection, program understanding for IDE - Dynamic Analysis : Debugging, profiling, monitoring and runtime behavior visualization of programs - Test Automation : Unit test, functional test, regression test, test case and version management
  • Tools for Easy and Fast Development

    Enhancing productivity of software development is typically achieved through the adequate use of programming tools such as CLI
    (Command Line Interface), IDE (Integrated Development Environment), WYSIWYG builder.
    We help our customers to develop their software product easily and quickly by providing a comprehensive set of those tools.

    - Command Line Interface : Command line tools to help developers - IDE (Integrated Development Environment) : Project management, code assist, easy/fast build/deploy/debug, various integration - UI Builder, Modeler : WYSIWYG editing, visual programming, storyboard, M-screen, animation and data binding - Build System and Toolchains : Fast build, build optimization, cross-compile, signing and packaging
  • Tools for Speeding-up Collaborative

    The adequate use of collaborative development process and tools is getting important for the rapid and robust software development.
    We help our customers to establish well-defined DevOps and corresponding tooling for continuous integration/delivery and build/packaging/
    deploy management system.

    - ALM (Application Lifecycle management) : Project management, SCM, distributed build system, packaging system, deploy system - Installer, Update Manager : Multi-OS installer, version/update management system

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