Digital Service

Digital Service

Marketing Consulting
& Analytics

We offer digital marketing strategy consulting
through Market Sensing Technology
BPO type professional Business Process Services
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Service Offering

The S-Core Consulting supports to enhance market visibility and improve decision-making based on market and consumer data.

  • Market Analytics
    - Consumer Reaction Analysis - Early Detection of changes in demand - Optimization of Offering
  • Online & Omni-Channel Strategy
    - We establish Online Service Strategy - e-Commerce Strategy - Omni-Channel integration strategy
Offering more detail
  • Digital data strategy
    Digital maturity assessment
    Social engagement & activation strategy planning
    The S-Core Consulting provides strategic direction / action items for improving consumer preference and digital buzz on social networks.
  • Supply chain management Using
    Sell-out and Consumer
    Response Data
    The S-Core Consulting provides market sensing based on sell-out and social network big data.
    Social Engagement & Activation Strategy & Planning
    The S-Core Consulting provides analytics & optimizing tools
  • Big Data Analysis for Consumer Analysis
    and Developing Marketing Action Items
    The S-Core Consulting provides services for consumer experience management, and builds service improvement strategy.
    The S-Core Consulting provides services for digital buzz analysis and long-term digital marketing operation
    strategy & action items development.
  • Digital Buzz Creation Strategy
    The S-Core Consulting provides strategy and action items for improvements in positive digital buzz among young influencers.
    The S-Core Consulting provides strategy and action items for improvements in consumer loyalty and retention.

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