management Consulting Service

management Consulting Service


Market Research

We offer analysis services of market and
industry trends,
competitor benchmarking,
and customer core needs
research for global business.
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Service Offering

We provides market analytical services to identify marketability of country, market, product, key customer and demand.
Also, R&I team supports to derive business opportunities responding to global market with consultants having industry expertise
specialized in retail/services, EPC, high-tech etc.

  • Market Trends Research
    - Global Industry Trend Research
  • In-Depth Research
    - Advanced/Competitor Trend Research - Customer Trend Research
Offering more detail
  • Macroeconomic Outlook Research
    The S-Core Consulting provides research services on macro and competitive landscape to enable customers to continue to grow
    in environmental and business changes across internal and external conditions.
  • Market Demand Research
    The S-Core Consulting conducts local market demand research to seize market entry opportunities for customers.
    The S-Core Consulting provides implication for building differentiated operations strategy through market trend and
    customer analysis by industry.
  • Future Technology and Product Research
    The S-Core Consulting provides market research services for expanding product sales through examining product/technology market,
    competitive landscape, prospecting for new clients as well as discovering promising applications.

Case Study by Industry

  • Security / Advanced Security Solutions Application Benchmarking
  • Manufacture / Mid-to large-sized Battery Market Survey
  • Service / Market Research of BEMS and Business Validation
  • Stock / Retail Market Outlook Survey
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