management Consulting Service

management Consulting Service

IT Consulting

For client’s strategic, structured, efficient IT utilization,
we propose models for IT strategy, Application strategy
and operation, management
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Service Offering

In a rapidly changing competitive environment,
it is required to use
IT resources strategically as a key
factor influencing competitiveness.
For this purpose,
IT strategy service provides a roadmap of IT strategy
aligned with customer’s business strategy,
and defines
the role of IT
as a key differentiating factor. Then, by
providing efficient operations
plans of IT resource,
IT strategy service supports to realize
business strategy and allows you to beat the competition.

  • IT Management
    - Establishment of enterprise-wide IT strategic plan - IT governance establishment - IT project management
  • Enterprise Application Planning
    - Establishment of information systems operational plan - Establishment of platform/infra opertional plan - Establishment of ERP introduction/operaion plan
Offering more detail
  • Providing the optimal IT strategy closely
    with customer’s business strategy
    The S-Core Consulting provides IT strategy based on
    understanding of business strategy,
    business processes,
    to realize customer’s business strategy beyond the traditional role of simply
    improving work efficiency.
  • Providing IT resources and process
    management system
    aimed at business
    The S-Core Consulting contributes to the business
    by controlling IT resources efficiently and optimizing related
    operation system and processes in
    the perspective of entire company.
  • Providing methodologies and practices
    best suitable
    for customer needs
    The S-Core Consulting has the best methodologies and
    practices to fit domestic companies based on diverse IT service
    of leading companies in
    manufacturing, distribution, service,
    environment industries, etc.

Case Study by Industry

  • Medical / Development and deployment of LIS
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