management Consulting Service

management Consulting Service

Operations Consulting

We aim to reach client’s Operational
through following 3 initiatives:
1. Propose optimized
operational models based on World Best Practices of various
from marketing to purchasing, manufacturing distribution,
and customer support
2. Embody system components including
Policy & Process, Technology System, Organizations,
Support application of changes and deriving outcome thoroughly
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Service Offering

The S-Core Consulting defines the innovation theme by
the characteristics and essence of industry and
core competency to solve
the basic issues and propose
the solution
for clients.
The S-Core Consulting provides
the practical and detailed solution
to various innovation
agendas as B2B/B2C Marketing, Risk Management,
EVM, Performance Management for industries’ operation
as well as enterprise-level Process Innovation.
The S-Core Consulting
suggests that how to innovate the
Processes, Rule& Policy,
redesign the organization and
R&R and implement systems.

  • Business Process Management
    - Business Process Innovation - BPI Project Management Office
  • Supply Chain Management
    - Procurement Innovation - Supply Chain Management - Supply Chain Planning
  • Marketing & Sales Management
    - Lead & Pipeline Management - Marketing & Sales Management - Customer Relationship Management
  • R&D Management
    - R&D Management
  • Production Management
    - Manufacturing Quality Management
  • Production Management
    - Earned Value Management
Offering more detail
  • Enterprise-level process innovation
    The S-Core Consulting defines the innovation theme
    and designs
    the detailed To-Be process and rule to
    implement system.
  • B2B Sales/marketing innovation
    The S-Core Consulting defines the B2B marketing
    for Manufacturing and EPC Industry,
    and also designs the detailed
    innovation theme as lead
    pipeline management, pricing simulation,
    launch and
    discontinuation of products, etc.
  • Profit and risk management innovation
    The S-Core Consulting improves ability for C-Level
    making to redesign the planning and budget,
    simulation model
    for manufacturing industry.
    The S-Core Consulting redesigns the project
    and control, WBS(Work Break-down Structure), cost
    and schedule management,
    resource optimization
    for EPC Industry
  • Performance management innovation
    The S-Core Consulting suggests KPIs aligned
    corporate strategy
    objectives and implements the
    strategy focused organization.

Case Study by Industry

  • ITS / Innovation of the next generation process
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