Case study

Case study

In-Memory Analysis
function Case study

We developed In-Memory analysis functions
about statistics,
correlation analysis,
and machine learning for Data Platform.
It will help to improve big data insight
in Marketing, MES, Retail, etc.
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Performance Results

We applied the in-memory technology to derive quick insights from big-data
on various environments.

Big data Big data Big data
Big data S-Core
  • Retail
  • IoT
  • MES
  • Security
  • MES
  • Research
  • Surveilance
  • CRM
  • Analytical performance improve, maximum 10x
  • System availability increase s and cost reduction
  • Realtime analysis realization by shorter analysis time,
  • Improve business insight
  • · Rise of the need to derive quick insights from big-data on various
    environments as Marketing, IoT, Manufacturing, Logistics and so on.
  • · In-memory Analysis environment Environment Analysis based-on the Hadoop MapReduce and the Spark
  • · In-memory Analysis function Correlation analysis between different of data format Statics analysis (Arima Test, etc.) Machine learning analysis (SVM, etc.)
  • · Apply to Enterprise application Building Ecosystem for realtime data collection and processing Development Guides

The Result

We reduced analysis cost to provide quick analysis environment, and induced new business insights.

Improvement Improvement Improvement Improvement We promoted performance
of analysis up to 10 times
as providing
the analysis environment
and developing
new data analysis functionality.
Reduction Reduction Reduction Reduction We achieved cost reduction
as promoting system’s availability.
Realization Realization Realization Realization Realtime analysis realization
by shorter analysis time
and Improve Business insight

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