Case study

Case study

Samsung Tizen SDK Development

Since 2010, we have developed and advanced
the Tizen SDK,
which is a comprehensive
set of tools
for developing
Tizen Web and Native applications.
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Performance Results

We contributed to expand the Tizen eco-system by providing high productive development environment(SDK) for various types of Tizen base devices,

Tizen SDK Tizen SDK Tizen SDK
Tizen Store Download, Install Tizen Devices App Developers 3rd Party Apps Tizen Store App Developers 2rd Party Apps Device Manufacturer Device Manufacturer Release Devices Tizen Devices
  • Easy Install and Update
  • Rapid and Easy Coding
  • Rapid and Easy UI Development
  • Rch Help and Sample
  • Optimization with Profiling
  • Rapid Test and Debugging
  • · Tizen, a core platform for Samsung Electronic’s IoT strategy
    to integrate
    diverse devices.
  • · Necessity of commercial level SDK to provide seamless
    environment for Tizen App and Tizen Platform.
  • · Necessity of competitive SDK over Android and iOS
  • · A software development project that demands higher
    degree of
    professionalism, global software development
    fast shipment of higher quality product
    and continuous improvement.

The Result

Tizen SDK helps for app developers and manufacturers to develop their apps and devices easily and quickly. Tizen SDK enriches Tizen ecosystem.

Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced We shipped competitive SDK
on time to the market
and continued
to seamless advancement of the SDK
Commercialization Commercialization Commercialization Commercialization We supported global collaboration
for commercializing
Tizen platform
and devices, focusing on
a characteristic of
SDK release-centric
platform development.
Expand Expand Expand Expand We contributed to expand
Tizen’s eco-system,
and leading
various kinds of social activities:
Tizen SDK
Open-source community,
providing education program
for Tizen developers,
supporting several
hackathon events, and also paying
attention to
the communities’ voices for improvements.

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