Case study

Case study

Master Data Management

Realizing decision making system based on
fact through making
framework and IT system for master data

Performance Results

Achieve improvement of operation level for process by gaining accuracy and consistency of data through systematic master data management
which is suitable for various business

Manufacture, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital Manufacture, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital Manufacture, Pharmaceuticals, Hospital
  • Manufacture Systems Master data compatibility and accuracy
  • Pharmaceuticals Product Quality Management and evaluate consulting
  • Hospital improve safety of patients, accuracy of prescriptions, and efficiency of work process
  • · Purchase unnecessary materials and maintain excessive stock due to
    duplication of master data(1code ≠ 1spec)
  • · Information distortion by inconsistency of master data among IT systems
  • · Delay and disconnection of business due to low quality of master data
  • · One-time action and repetitive error due to absence of organization
    for master data management
  • · Miscommunaication and confusion between employees due to lack of
    standard notation
  • · Framework
    - Apply framework which is defined management element of processes,
    operation standard and IT infra to S group successfully.
  • · Implementation methodology
    - Achieve a goal rapidly and stably by applying systematic methodology.
  • · Specialists
    - Gain high quality in project by using experts and best practice in MDM.

The Result

Get various effectiveness by managing master data systematically which is suitable for various business.

Manufacture Manufacture Manufacture Manufacture Achieve improvement of operation
level by
establishing operation
and governance of
data for SCM, PLM and MES besides ERP
Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals Gain foundations of quality
to support system
through establishing operational
standard and governance
for model,
equipment materials.
Hospital Hospital Hospital Hospital Increase patient safety, prescription
work efficiency by
standardizing drugs, prescription
,partner hospital, medical
establishing governance
of master data