Case study

Case study

Operation Data Management

Gain cost reduction, decision making based on data,
improvement of operation level
for process
through managing operation data of various industry

Performance Results

Accomplish much effectiveness through systematic operation data management which is suitable for various business.

Advertisement/Service, Manufacture, Finance, International Corp Advertisement/Service, Manufacture, Finance, International Corp Advertisement/Service, Manufacture, Finance, International Corp
  • Advertisement/Service/ enhance utilization of operation data through standardization and data management
  • Manufacture RTF fill rate increases by 4.5% through cost reduction and maximized CAPA free investment due to decreased inventory days and stock levels
  • Finance Sales conversion due to decrease in approval rejection rate
  • International Corp Applying order control and safety stock resulted reduction of inventory cost and inventory management cost
  • · Advertisement/Service Depend on external data due to lack of classification of data
    and search function despite lots of internal results data
  • · Manufacture Difficulty in recognizing cause of issue due to knowing
    small part of operation data
    Reach limit of process improvement by plan-result
    analysis due to low accuracy of result data
  • · Finance Increased customer churn due to approval rejection
  • · International Corp Raise amount of stock due to calculating standard value excessively
    by calculating operation data with target value and performance
    index instead of results
  • · Consulting Have ODM model about various industry Experts to have specialized knowledge in SCM, EVM, MES,
    CRM and so forth
  • · Methodology Achieve a goal rapidly and stably by applying systematic
    implementation methodology
  • · Solution Make a solution with knowledge and experience about operation
    data management
    Have flexibility with configuration on data management platform

The Result

Get various effectiveness by managing operation data systematically which is suitable for various business.

Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement/Service Strengthen performance of global project
through standardization of operation data
for core tasks
Manufacture Manufacture Manufacture Manufacture Gain cost reduction and productivity increase
through improvement of
process operation level
applying standard value calculation
about safety stock, yield, reorder point and so forth
Finance Finance Finance Finance Sales increase through decrease
of approval rejection rate
by making
governance of operation data
approval rejection and reason
International Corp International Corp International Corp International Corp Reduce inventory cost by applying
safety stock
and economic
order quantity about
major items
of retaining
a large amount of stock