Case study

Case study

Consumer & Marketing

We help global leading consumer electronics company
establish marketing strategies
based on consumers’
attitude in multiple touch points and digital buzz

Performance Results

We identify marketing opportunities and risk factors across the consumer decision journey and provide perspective to execute marketing strategies.

S-core 소비자 반응 감지 S-core 소비자 반응 감지 S-core 소비자 반응 감지
Consumer response(S-Core): Detect market change, Increase brand power , Discover new business opportunity , Respond to various issues
  • · Growing importance in advanced analytics marketing based on
    brand touch points and mobile behavioral data
  • · Challenging company to manage the brand royalty
    and create competitive brand image
  • · Growing demand for metrics to measure marketing performance
    and improve marketing efficiency
  • · Develop the brand analytics model and key metricsIdentify brand touch points and image factors
  • · Improve the market sensing capability combined with social dataProvide dashboard for consumer response at product launch, etc.
  • · Find integrated insights based on consumer behavior and brand perception

The Result

We provide clients with strategic direction and practical approaches derived from on-time data analysis.

On-time Sensing On-time Sensing On-time Sensing On-time Sensing Analyze marketing campaign effectiveness
by monitoring
on-time social buzz
and optimize marketing investment
Competitiveness Competitiveness Competitiveness Competitiveness Reinforce a consumer engagement
strategy across brand touch points
Actionable Actionable Actionable Actionable Find marketing opportunities by understanding
consumer demands
and assist clients
to execute marketing strategy effectively