Case study

Case study

Business Process Innovation

In order to provide a solution
1) reinterpret the nature of the work
2) define the core competencies 3) present innovative themes
4) suggest a change in the way of working
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Performance Results

Through advancement of the way of working, secure proactive responsiveness to the changing business environment and achieve optimizing of operational efficiency

Big data Big data Big data
Sales, Design, Development, Purchase, Production, Biz. MgmtProcess design based on integration / standard / flexible
  • Minimize latency and movement
  • Improve satisfaction by patient-centered processes
  • Standardization and capitalization of medical services
  • Integrating information of customer / treatment / health screening
  • Strengthen operation efficiency
  • Improve the speed of work
  • Improve the accuracy of the information
  • Increasing commonality of information
  • Improved ease of business
  • · Rapid changes in the business environment and lack of
    responsiveness of change
  • · Overcoming risks and being necessary to secure competitiveness
  • · Building standardized business processes through change of
    the way of working
  • · Enhance employee competencies through focusing
    on value-added business
  • · Maximize customer satisfaction and corporate value based
    on Customer-centric processes
  • · Establish a culture that pursuing continuous innovation
  • · Process Standardization / organization Process by 8 Mega process and biz. scenario
  • · Setting the goal of innovation Reflecting a global leading company’s best practice on process development and system implementation
  • · Derivation and implementation of PI assignment Develop innovative projects and drawn implementation plans for the change of the way of working mprovement items / Rule-Set / KPI definitions for internalization of innovation and Rule-Based Operation
  • · Internalize and change management Change Mgmt. for performing consistent and successful PI

The Result

We maximize corporate value, such as revenue enhancement and cost savings through remove unnecessary elements over
the entire area of the company(process, organization, IT and other activities) and re-establish effective business processes

Manufacture Manufacture Manufacture Manufacture Strength project’s profit through cost management
and process management.
Strength risk management
via Planning and simulation system
Healthcare Healthcare Healthcare Reduction Provide a patient-centric process
and center-centric operation system,
Supplement on the pursuit of happiness of
and the ability of global top level competency
Realization Realization Realization Retail/Service Release ahead of a differentiated product
than competitors,
secure operating system that leading customers

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